Second Webinar in early January

Place it on your calendar now!  Three sessions!
English: 8 January and 10 January,  Spanish: 8 January

Registration is not required to attend the webinars. Everyone is welcome!

Tasks Completed
Summary of the MNC Survey
Status of the current in-process nomination and application process
Process and Timeline now until General Conference
Next Steps

The webinars will be recorded.
Responses to unanswered questions will be sent via email.

8 January 2019
11:00 am ET / 16:00 UTC (GMT)

8 January 2019
7:00 PM  (19:00) ET / 12 Midnight UTC (GMT)

10 January 2019
7:00 PM  (19:00) ET / 12 Midnight UTC (GMT)

Please consider viewing the webinar as a church or small group. MCC is charged additional fees when more than 100 participants attend.
Important Reminders: 

Nominations with the request for the MNC to inform your nominee on your behalf are due 11 January, 2019

Completed applications for the Office of Moderator are due by 30 January, 2019


Watch the first webinar below