Moderator Nominating Team Timeline

Initial team meetings to establish working covenant and work plan with timeline22 July – mid-August 2018
Develop survey for gathering input from across MCCmid-August – 30 August 2018
Distribute survey and allow time cor completion16 September – 6 October 2018
Analyze survey results and prepare the call for nominations7 October – 7 November 2018
Publicize and communicate the nomination process14-29 November 2018
Nomination process is open29 November 2018 – 30 January 2019
Evaluation of nominees to develop list for in-depth interviews31 January – 5 February 2019
Interview of nominees7-20 February 2019
Inform Governing Board of slate of candidates1 March 2019
Announcement of slate of candidates to the MCC by the Governing Board22-30 March 2019
Provide opportunities for candidates to communicate with MCC1 April –  late June 2019
Elect our next Moderator!2 July 2019