Criteria and Qualifications Guide for the Selection of Prospective Candidates for

Office of the Moderator

Issued by the Moderator Nominating Committee November, 2018

As Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) prepares for the election of the next Moderator of MCC, the MCC Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) offers this guide to assist the prospective candidates in understanding the Office of the Moderator and the qualifications that the MNC is seeking in the candidates for Moderator.

Introduction and Purpose of Guide

In July 2019, Clergy and Lay Delegates of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) from around the world will elect the next Moderator of MCC at General Conference XXVII in Orlando, Florida, USA. In preparation for the election, the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) is charged with actively soliciting, recruiting, screening, evaluating, and nominating up to five (5) qualified candidates for the Office of the Moderator to be presented to the General Conference delegates for the election of MCC’s next Moderator. To that end, this guide summarizes the role and responsibilities of the Moderator, details the core qualifications required of the Moderator, presents the selection criteria that the MNC will use to evaluate candidates for Moderator and outlines the open process to nominate prospective candidates for the office of the Moderator.

We developed the selection criteria for prospective candidates for Moderator by reviewing the MCC Bylaws, application process and evaluation rubric used in the selection process for the Executive Director of the North Carolina Council of Church, the selection criteria used during the 2016 MCC Moderator Nominating Committee process, as well as reviewing and assessing the feedback from 567 members and friends of MCC. An overview of the primary responsibilities and core qualifications required of the Moderator is followed by an overview of the selection criteria for prospective Moderator candidates and our open nomination process.

We have also included supplemental material for additional context regarding the role of the Moderator, which includes a summary of the proposed qualifications for the next Moderator of MCC as identified in the 2018 MNC Global MCC Survey Summary Report published in November, 2018, as well as pertinent MCC denominational information.

Executive Summary

Through feedback received from official MCC Network gatherings, phone calls, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat posts and the 2018 MNC Global MCC Survey, 576 members, friends, lay delegates, clergy, allies, MCC staff, and Elders from around the world have shared their ideas, hopes, aspirations, and prayers for the next Moderator of MCC. The MNC has been delighted that our collective voices—richly diverse in our geographies, ethnicities, theologies, life journeys, and many other characteristics—are in harmony when it comes to our understanding of what we expect of the person who will lead MCC into our future.

The MCC Bylaws provide the basic framework for the role of the Moderator and include the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as the primary visionary and futurist of MCC
  • Exercises a voice of prophetic challenge, creativity, spiritual, and pastoral authority and leadership
  • Nurtures global, ecumenical, and community relationships
  • Serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the primary spokesperson of MCC
  • Moderates the meetings of the Governing Board, Council of Elders, and General Conference
  • Appoints Elders
  • Supervises MCC Senior Leadership
  • Visits and encourages the local churches

In the 50-year history of MCC, there have been two (2) Moderators elected by the General Conference and one Interim Moderator appointed by the Governing Board of MCC. Based on their own unique skills and abilities, each of them modeled different ways to lead MCC based on their specific gifts, capabilities, and personalities, as well as the changing circumstances of the world and our denomination and movement.

The Reverend Elder Troy Perry began MCC in 1968, when his vision led to the world’s first church with a positive ministry for gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons. Rev. Troy was a charismatic, enthusiastic, energetic, and entrepreneurial leader who achieved a great deal of progress in the struggle for the equality of LGBT people. He founded a church and a movement recognized around the world for its commitment to justice.

The Reverend Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson was elected to the position of Moderator of MCC in 2005, following the retirement of Rev. Troy. In July 2010, Rev. Nancy was re-elected for a term of six years as the first woman to serve as Moderator.

Throughout her tenure, Rev. Nancy was a voice of justice, empowering the humanity in us all. She greatly enhanced MCC’s profile as an international denomination and within the denomination, Rev. Nancy brought many reforms to areas including governance, education requirements for clergy, expectations of the Elders and senior staff, training and resources for local churches.

With Rev. Nancy’s impending retirement in 2016, MCC was in a unique position to elect a third Moderator at the 2016 General Conference XXVI in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. After several ballots, the Lay and Clergy delegates were unable to achieve a majority vote in both houses to achieve election. At that time, the Governing Board was charged to initiate a process to appoint an Interim Moderator to serve until the next General Conference. In October, 2016, the Governing Board announced the appointment of Rev. Rachelle Brown as Interim Moderator until 2019.

We now stand at the threshold of the next era of MCC as we prayerfully consider, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the person who will serve as the next Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches.

The Moderator Nominating Committee is tasked to actively solicit prospective candidates for the Office of Moderator. The candidates will be those who can fulfill the following:

Who is:

  • A Transformational and inspirational leader who can work effectively with others
  • A Visionary who is able to present a picture of what MCC could look like
  • A Preacher/Teacher who understands and knows how to share MCC’s message of God’s inclusive love for the world

Who will:

  • Work with the Governing Board to develop a strategic direction for MCC
  • Serve as the primary pastoral and prophetic leader of MCC and its global movement
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for MCC to the media, other churches, denominations, and LGBTQQIA organizations

Who has:

  • Integrity, humility, compassion and a strong character
  • Faith, confidence, loyalty, and trust
  • Conflict Management and mediation skills

Who can:

  • Restore trust between MCC Leadership, Staff, and the Local Church
  • Discern the direction and vision for MCC’s future
  • Develop a plan to restore MCC to financial health and stability

The challenges of the next Moderator are many and include being a catalyst for healing, to unite MCC, Networks and local churches, to have a vision for the future of MCC, including preparing for the next generation of MCC’ers, to grow MCC and to have a realistic perspective of a worldwide Church. The MNC is seeking candidates for nomination who embody these characteristics and meet these challenges with great faith, boldness, and courage.

Invitation and Call to Discernment

Metropolitan Community Churches continues to be compelled by an unfinished calling and a prophetic destiny. MCC’s all over the world are invited to embark on a journey of discernment, as we are all asked to prayerfully consider who to nominate as prospective candidates for the Office of the Moderator.

During this critical moment in MCC’s journey, the 2018 MNC believes God is calling the next Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) to lead our global denomination and movement in the service of God’s will for MCC. Guided by the Holy Spirit through prayer and discernment, extensive input received from the diverse constituencies within MCC, Laity and Clergy alike, our study of MCC’s past, and our collective hope for MCC’s future, we are issuing this call to discernment for the next Moderator of MCC.

This guide is intended to assist those who are considering their call to serve as the next Moderator of MCC, and well as those people who are considering nominating prospective candidates for the Office of the Moderator. It provides the pertinent information regarding the role and responsibilities of the Moderator, as well as describes our open nomination process for prospective Moderator candidates. More importantly, this guide outlines the criteria we believe God is directing the MNC to seek in the next Moderator of MCC.

Persons interested in nominating prospective candidates for the Office of the Moderator must fully understand the selection criteria for prospective candidates for the Office of the Moderator.

The selection criteria outlines the qualifications the MNC will use to evaluate and nominate up to five (5) qualified candidates for Moderator. The selection criteria are based on the standards required to fulfill the role and primary responsibilities of the office of the Moderator.

Once again, we are invited to seek God’s wisdom during this call to discernment by staying in step with God’s Spirit (Galatians 5:25), who searches all things, even the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10). We can find comfort in the fact that the Counsellor, the Spirit of truth, whom God has given us in Christ’s name (John 14) will also intercede for us (Romans 8:26) during this important season of MCC’s journey.

We look forward to receiving nominations and applications for the prospective candidates for the office of the Moderator, and we invite you to join us as we pray for:

  • Metropolitan Community Churches in its journey towards finding a new Moderator. We pray for unyielding faith in God throughout this time of searching. May we have a deep knowing that God’s Spirit is calling forth the next prophetic leader of our denomination and movement, trusting this person will be well equipped to lead MCC into the future.
  • The Moderator Nominating Committee, that they will remain faithful and focused on the task set before them. With wisdom and discernment in Christ, may they not be easily distracted. We pray their weekly meetings are productive and intuitive as they choose the right priorities. We pray for their sustained energy as they breathe in the Spirit of Life daily. May they always remember this is not about them or because of them, but it is simply through them the Spirit of God will reveal the candidates to be presented for election to the Office of the Moderator.
  • The Next Moderator of MCC, that their sense of calling will grow stronger with each passing day and they will experience deep affirmations along the way, leading them to respond with a resounding “Yes!” to the call.
  • General Conference XXVII in Orlando, Florida, USA in July, 2019, that the delegates will be able to make a Spirit-led, informed decision when they vote and everyone will be left with a great sense of faith, trust, confidence and excitement in our newly elected Moderator.

This is our prayer, in the Many Names of God/Divine/Source and in the Name of Jesus the Christ.


The Role of the Moderator in MCC

The Moderator of MCC is the primary spiritual leader of our global movement and denomination. As such, the role and term of office of the Moderator is defined in the MCC Bylaws, Article V.E.2., as follows:

“The Moderator is elected by General Conference to serve as the primary visionary and futurist in order to advance the mission and vision of MCC worldwide through the exercise of prophetic challenge, creativity, spiritual and pastoral authority, and leadership.

As the primary MCC spokesperson, an Elder, and the Chief Executive Officer, the Moderator is a voting member and moderates meetings of the Governing Board and of the Council of Elders; moderates General Conference; appoints Elders; and supervises MCC senior staff.

The Moderator shall be responsible for leading the visioning process for the Fellowship, having a presence at global events, teaching and training, engaging in continuous learning, community relations, visitation and assistance in churches, ecumenical relations, and global social justice.

The term of office of the Moderator shall be six (6) years.

By virtue of election to the office of the Moderator, the Moderator serves as an Elder of MCC and, therefore, must carry out the duties of an Elder, which are defined in the MCC Bylaws, Article V.E.3., as follows:

“The primary responsibility of Elders shall be to give pastoral leadership and care to enable the Fellowship in our spiritual journey. The Elders shall exercise spiritual and pastoral authority to build a shared vision for MCC, prepare the MCC for the future, and support MCC’s strategic direction.

The Elders serve as official representatives of the Fellowship in the areas of public and community relations; provide oversight of and support to congregations; consult with churches on issues related to church development; and fulfill other ecclesial and ceremonial duties.”

Primary Responsibilities of the Moderator

Based on the description of the role of the Moderator as defined in the MCC Bylaws, the MNC has summarized the overall responsibilities of the Moderator into the following four (4) major areas of focus:

Spiritual Leadership

  • Nurtures the spiritual life of the MCC global movement and denomination as the primary spiritual leader by preaching and teaching the message of MCC to the world
  • Serves as the primary pastoral and prophetic leader of the MCC denomination and its global movement by:
  • Leading the MCC movement in shaping and living its values, mission, and vision and serving as MCC’s primary visionary and futurist
  • Fulfilling a pastoral leadership role with the leaders of MCC congregations and inspiring new pastoral leadership within the denomination
  • Participating in the gatherings and cooperative processes of MCC congregational leaders and networks, offering guidance and modeling MCC’s core values
  • Leading and encouraging the Council of Elders in its spiritual and pastoral role

Executive Management

  • Serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MCC by:
    • Acting as head-of-staff in the leadership and management of MCC denominational staff
    • As head-of-staff, building a highly effective senior leadership team, as well as leading, coaching, and developing other implementation teams
    • Providing strategic direction and leadership in the development of a strategic plan, and management in assuring alignment of all denominational staff and volunteers in the organizational achievement of the MCC strategic plan
    • Assuring sound financial management of MCC and fiscal accountability to its congregations and worldwide constituents
    • Acting as the President of the MCC Corporation in all legal matters
    • Giving fundraising direction, communicating with donors, and building relationships with strategic donors to support the budget and advance the financial stability of MCC

Denominational Governance

  • Moderates General Conference
  • Serves as the Moderator of the Governing Board in its governance role
  • Serves as the Moderator of the Council of Elders in its governance role
  • Serves as leader of the Strategic Leadership Team
  • Oversees the implementation of all policy decisions of the Governing Board and General Conference

Other Key Responsibilities

  • Serves as the primary spokesperson for MCC
  • Serves as the official representative of MCC in the areas of public and community relations
  • Represents MCC in public, governmental, ecumenical, and interfaith relations
  • Actively promotes and plans for the effective implementation of the mission, vision, and core values of MCC
  • Serves on the board of the Global Justice Institute by virtue of the Office of the Moderator
  • Recruits and cultivates the leadership of MCC

General Core Attributes Required of the Moderator

Core attributes are the skills, knowledge, and behaviors required to fulfill the role and primary responsibilities of the Moderator. The individual in this leadership role will have strengths in some areas and room for growth in others.

The MNC considers the attributes in the table below essential to the role of the Moderator based input received from around the world.

Core Attributes Essential for the Moderator of MCC

Decision-Making Skills

  • Makes effective, timely decisions, balancing analysis and intuition
  • Recognizes the short and long-term implications of choices made
  • Defines problems and issues clearly
  • Offers solutions and suggestions that are efficient and pragmatic
  • Evaluates when to make a decision under conditions of risk and uncertainty and when to wait for better information

Ego Strength

  • Demonstrates strong and appropriate personal boundaries in relationships
  • Appreciates the distinctiveness and value of self, without being arrogant
  • Is spiritually and emotionally mature; maintains a non-anxious presence in the midst of turmoil
  • Does not overly depend upon outside affirmation; maintains a strong personal support system

Organizational Agility

  • Is astute about how congregations work
  • Understands the importance of supporting good policy, practice, and procedure
  • Appreciates the power in the culture of MCC
  • Is politically astute
  • Knows how to get things done through board, team, and committee structures, as well as through informal relationship networks

Process Management Skills

  • Designs practices, processes, and procedures that allow managing from a distance
  • Understands how to create efficient workflow; know what to measure and how to measure it
  • Identifies opportunities for synergy and integration; simplifies complex processes

Personal Resilience

  • Learns from adversity and failure
  • Discerns when to change personal, interpersonal, and management behaviors
  • Deals well with ambiguity
  • Copes effectively with change; comfortably handles risk and uncertainty
  • Seeks feedback
  • Expresses personal regret when appropriate
  • Demonstrates a strong spiritual centeredness

Public Presence

  • Demonstrates a comfortable ease in speaking in a variety of settings in both small and large groups inside and outside of MCC
  • Knows how to be strongly present in the room without commanding the room
  • Effectively addresses both straightforward data and controversial topics
  • Projects a clear sense of the MCC identity through personal demeanor

Strategic Leadership Skills

  • Is future-oriented and can articulate a clear picture of MCC’s preferred future
  • Effectively involves others in the discernment of the vision
  • Identifies strategic objectives consistent with the vision of MCC
  • Keeps staff and lay leaders focused on critical priorities
  • Prevents vision drift

Preaching & Worship Leadership Skills

  • Inspires from the pulpit
  • Is a consistently effective preacher and worship leader
  • Projects the identity and character of MCC through their presence as a preacher and worship leader
  • Communicates a clear and consistent message through sermons that are carefully prepared and artfully delivered

Leadership Empowerment

  • Provides intentional direction and teaching for the development of leaders
  • Gives up power and control to others to strengthen them for a larger purpose
  • Identifies apprentices for each key leadership role
  • Improves personal skills in coaching and mentoring
  • Empowers new leadership through the use of self-directed teams
  • Demonstrates appreciation of accomplishments through recognition of leaders

Cultural Competency & Embracing Diversity

  • Reflects awareness and appreciation of the diversity within MCC
  • Engages in encounters, dialogue and relationships with people of differing religious, ethnic and cultural perspectives
  • Reflects awareness of the dynamics of oppression based on race, class, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Includes people from different races, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations in personal social networks
  • Listens carefully to diverse individuals and points of view
  • Participates in personal learning to grow in cross-cultural competence for ministry

Supervision Skills

  • Is good at establishing clear expectations and setting clear direction
  • Sets stretching objectives
  • Distributes the workload appropriately
  • Delegates effectively; provides regular and ongoing feedback about performance
  • Proactively deals with substandard performance
  • Engages disciplinary processes in a timely manner

Team Orientation

  • Identifies and recruits good talent for the team
  • Sets clear strategic direction for the team
  • Negotiates team difficulties, including the conflict that emerges around diversity and inclusion issues
  • Creates strong morale and spirit
  • Shares wins and successes
  • Creates a feeling of belonging and pride in the team

What Are We Looking for In A Moderator Today?

The 2018 MNC Global MCC Survey asked respondents to give their views about the responsibilities, characteristics, skills, attributes and qualities they considered most important for our next Moderator. The results for these questions have been summarised in graphical form as reverse pyramids, with the largest top line being the most important, the line below being the next most important, and so on. This allows for an easy way to see what is most important in the view of MCC.

When asked about the primary responsibilities of the next Moderator and what should be most important when considering candidates for Moderator, the results were:

When asked about the most important characteristics the next Moderator should embody, the results were:

When asked about the most important skills, attributes and qualities the next Moderator should embody, the results were:

Required Qualifications and Criteria for Prospective Candidates for Moderator

Based on feedback received in the 2018 MNC Global MCC Survey, the MNC has identified the following qualifications and criteria that will aid us in identifying up to five (5) prospective candidates for the office of the Moderator.

The next Moderator of MCC will:

  • Be comfortable and competent in assuming the primary responsibilities of the Moderator
  • Have a solid foundation in the core attributes required of the Moderator
  • Be a transformational and inspirational leader who can work effectively with others
  • Have demonstrated maturity and giftedness in pastoral and spiritual leadership who is a model for pastors and church leaders
  • Has the capability to serve as the primary pastoral and prophetic leader of MCC and its global movement
  • Have demonstrated skill, experience and a proven record of building, leading and sustaining a sizable, healthy organization
  • A visionary leader who has a strong character and is a person of integrity, honesty, humility and compassion
  • Possess the skills and abilities to restore trust between MCC Leadership, Staff and local MCC churches
  • Possess the ability to discern the direction and vision for MCC’s future
  • Possess the ability to work with the Governing Board to discern and develop a strategic direction for MCC
  • Develop a plan, with the Governing Board, to restore MCC to financial health and stability
  • Be able to face and handle conflicts openly and honestly
  • Be a leader who fosters faith, confidence, loyalty and compassion
  • Be a “bridge builder” with the ability to promote unity and harmony in MCC and beyond Required Qualifications and Criteria for Prospective Candidates
  • Possess demonstrable theological depth
  • Have a demonstrated capacity to think, act, and lead strategically
  • Be skilled in communication, including public speaking, media relations, writing, and interpersonal interaction
  • Have a proven record as a lifelong learner who actively pursues personal and professional growth
  • Evidence global and cross-cultural experiences with a personal history of embracing diversity, working in diverse settings and among diverse people
  • Be committed to global justice
  • Model excellence and high standards in ministry
  • Possess the ability to be actively engaged in ecumenical and interfaith ministry settings
  • Evidence knowledge of and commitment to the mission, vision, and core values of MCC
  • Be well-grounded in the dynamics and experience of congregational life
  • Be willing and able to travel frequently, extensively, and internationally

Desired Qualifications and Criteria for Prospective Candidates for Moderator

Desirable Qualifications and Criteria for Prospective Candidates

Professional Skills & Abilities

  • Ability to frame a shared vision for MCC, facilitating the development of global ministry goals
  • Managerial skills with proven success in identifying and developing new and future leaders
  • Proven abilities as a facilitator and change agent who works well in a collaborative setting
  • Negotiation/Mediation skills with proven success in gaining consensus and resolving conflict
  • Demonstrated ability to identify and develop new and creative solutions to difficult problems

Personal Qualities & Characteristics

  • Someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit for building and leading a global movement
  • An advocate for justice and human rights who can lead in creating a movement and denomination where every person matters
  • A competent strategist who is able to present a compelling picture of what the future of MCC could look like
  • A confident and engaging preacher and teacher who knows how to share MCC’s message of God’s inclusive love to the world

Background & Prior Experience

  • Experience working in diverse settings and among diverse people
  • A proven record of building and sustaining a healthy organization
  • Proficiency in taking a church and/or organization to the next stage of growth
  • Demonstrated experience and ability working in a complex setting with competing priorities

Other Knowledge, Commitments & Perspectives

  • Have a working knowledge of the history, polity, practices, and theological traditions of MCC and a sense of personal identity in the MCC movement
  • Be MCC clergy or a graduate of the MCC lay leadership development program, Laity Empowered for Active Discipleship (LEAD)
  • Have broad leadership experience and local church involvement in MCC
  • Be persuasive and diplomatic with the capability to function within political realities (that is, be politically astute without being overtly political)
  • Be open to the organizational transformation of MCC in response to changes in local and global realities

Proposed Focus Areas for the Next Moderator of MCC

Listed below are the challenges, opportunities, and priorities for the next Moderator of MCC deemed the most important to worldwide MCC congregants and friends of MCC per our November, 2018 survey.

MCC Core Values


Love is our greatest moral value and resisting exclusion is a primary focus of our ministry. We want to continue to be conduits of faith where everyone is included in the family of God and where all parts of our being are welcomed at God’s table.


Offering a safe and open community for people to worship, learn, and grow in their faith is our deep desire. We are committed to equipping ourselves and each other to do the work that God has called us to do in the world.

Spiritual Transformation

Providing a message of liberation from the oppressive religious environment of our day or to those experiencing God for the first time is what guides our ministry. We believe that when people are invited to experience God through the life and ministry of Christ, lives will be transformed.


Working to talk less and do more, we are committed to resisting the structures that oppress people and standing with those who suffer under the weight of oppressive systems, being guided always by our commitment to Global Human Rights.

MCC Strategic Priorities (2014-2018)

Global Growth

Become a growing multicultural, international, spiritual community

  • Grow new, healthy, vibrant and culturally authentic churches
  • Increase virtual access to MCC and our churches
  • Achieve greater diversity across our leadership
  • Unite and inspire with a renewed MCC Statement of Faith and MCC Global Covenant


Claim our prophetic role as a justice movement for the 21st century

  • Increase MCC presence at justice events around the world
  • Expand GJI justice advocacy, visibility, and capacity
  • Train congregations in human rights advocacy work
  • Strengthen MCC faith-based social action, justice, and activism

Congregations and Ministries

Strengthen our congregations and ministries

  • Use MCC Networks to increase connections, care, and resources between our churches
  • Train lay and clergy leaders
  • Increase the number of healthy and vibrant churches
  • Develop a pool of trained pastors for transitional ministry


Cultivate, nurture, and deploy lay and clergy leaders that are equipped and empowered to carry out our global mission

  • Care for our clergy well-being
  • Complete a highly successful MCC Moderator selection and transition
  • Increase the number of trained and equipped pastors and lay leaders
  • Expand the MCC Online Learning Center
  • Create the MCC Academy for Spiritual Formation devoted to the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, gender identity and expression, leadership development, and justice


Build a culture of generosity to achieve our vision and mission

  • Create and share multi-lingual and culturally diverse stewardship resources
  • Strengthen church and denomination operating and financial relationships
  • Develop new income streams and expand capacity to support our vision and mission
  • Plan and implement a 50th anniversary major campaign

From the MCC Strategic Plan:

How to Nominate and Apply to Be A Candidate For Moderator

The MNC believes that God is calling the next Moderator of MCC at this very moment to lead our global denomination and movement in the service of God’s will for MCC. Guided by the Holy Spirit through prayer and discernment, we are issuing this call for nominations and applications for prospective candidates for the Office of the Moderator.

Nomination and Application Process

  • Print out this guide and read it in its entirety. (If you are committed to being green, download this guide to your computer and read it from there, or read it using a tablet or eReader.)
  • Understand the selection criteria for prospective candidates for Moderator, including the core attributes required to fulfill the role and primary responsibilities of the Moderator.
  • Make certain the person you are considering for nomination, in your opinion, meets the qualifications and criteria for the selection of prospective candidates for the Office of the Moderator issued by the MNC, and that this individual is open to being nominated and willing to be considered by the MNC for the role of Moderator.
  • Nomination forms must be completed and submitted for all individuals who wish to submit their application. All nominations and applications received will be considered by the MNC.
  • Interested persons may apply for the position of Moderator. ALL applicants must be nominated by another individual in order to be considered. The nomination form must be completed in its entirety; all requested information is required. This form must be submitted along with the application package documents.
  • All application documents must be submitted to the MNC by 30 January 2019.
  • Nominations may be made via the MNC by filling out the nomination form with the details of the person you wish to nominate and sending it to the MNC by 11 January 2019. The MNC will then contact the person you nominate to let them know they have been nominated.
  • Please note that all nominees submitted to the MNC on or before 11 January 2019 will be informed of their nomination and invited to prayerfully consider completing the application form.

Concluding Remarks

As the religious and spiritual landscape of humanity continues to change under the significant cultural influences of our time and in light of the transitional period MCC has been journeying through since October, 2016, MCC faces a future that is both uncertain and also full of potential.

  • How will trust and faith be restored between the denominational leaders, our network and local churches?
  • What will be put in place and implemented for healing to begin within MCC?
  • How will our mission need to grow in order for us to remain relevant in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous?
  • As a global community, how will we continue to listen together to the Holy Spirit that brought MCC into being 50 years ago, and that will continue to guide and challenge us into our future decades?
  • How will we be a passionate, thriving movement, moving forward with a bold vision and clarity of purpose?

These are some of the questions that will face the next Moderator of MCC.

As members of the MNC, we have sought to provide the details that are essential to understanding the role, challenges, and opportunities that await our next leader. Our efforts toward this goal will continue in the months ahead. Webinars be offered in the future to provide further information about the application and selection process, as well as about what the next Moderator can expect in their day-to-day life and responsibilities.

The MNC hopes that this guide will serve as an effective and useful tool for all those considering nominating a prospective candidate for the office of the Moderator. We wholeheartedly invite your prayerful consideration and participation.

Respectfully submitted,

The 2018 MCC Moderator Nominating Committee

[email protected]

Rev. Gavin Ward, Co-Chair
Velma Garcia, Co-Chair
Rev. Brendan Y. Boone, Vice-Chair
Stan Kimer, Project Manager
Kellie Taylor-White, Clerk and Communications Liaison

Thank you for reading this guide. We hope you found it useful