Metropolitan Community Churches 2019 Moderator Search Process Final Report

Issued by the Moderator Nominating Committee April 2019

As Metropolitan Community Churches prepares for the election of its third Moderator, the Moderator Nominating Committee submits this comprehensive final report regarding the global search process and the selection of the slate of candidates for Moderator to be presented for election at General Conference XXVI in Orlando, Florida, USA.

“We are five people who were not necessarily willing, but were called. With the Spirit’s nudging, we answered the call of God and have operated in, through and under that Divine calling ever since. We have been open and transparent about our process while remaining committed to upholding the MNC charter and covenant, including the covenant to maintain total confidentiality, in its entirety. We have prayed, labored, learned and listened together, focusing on doing God’s work in a manner pleasing to God. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we believe we have been faithful to complete the task entrusted to us as outlined in the UFMCC Bylaws.”

Kellie Taylor-White, MNC Member