These questions were asked at the mnc webinar and also sent via email.

Question 1:  As a committee, will you be identifying or recruiting specific people to apply as Moderator?

Answer:  In a spirit of true unity and transparency, neither individual members of the committee nor the committee as a unit will be requesting or suggesting specific people to apply as Moderator. We seek to have the process as open as possible and to allow the Holy Spirit to move among us.  If you feel someone would make an excellent Moderator or if you feeling this calling yourself, please invite that person to apply or pray about applying yourself.


Question 2:  The MCC Bylaws specifically states that the role of the MNC is to “actively solicit candidates for the position.”  Therefore shouldn’t you be more active in recruiting certain individuals you feel may be good Moderators?

Answer:  After some heartfelt discussion, we as the current committee determined that we would define “soliciting” as casting the widest possible net and having the most transparent and open process as possible.  And if we did specifically target certain people, that could add an implicit bias into the process and could disadvantage applicants who we did not initially seek.  We want to be totally open in terms of how the Holy Spirit will guide the entire fellowship during the nomination process.


Question 3  What avenues will you be using to solicit interest?

Answer:  We will use as many MCC communications channels are possible to spread the word, including the fellowship e-mail, newsletters and various social media groups.  And we encourage anybody else to be empowered to spread the word throughout their churches and reposting any information.


Question 4: What does “actively solicit” as stated in the bylaws mean to the MNC?

Answer:  According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, to “solicit” means to ask for or to try to obtain (something) from someone.  The MNC will comply with the “solicit” portion of the bylaws by simply putting forth the call for nominations; thereby fulfilling the MNC’s responsibility to “solicit” candidates for the position of Moderator.  The word “actively” is defined as “in a deliberate and positive way” or “in an energetic or vigorous way.”

The MNC believes that, in all we say and do, both these definitions apply.  The MNC deliberations are always positive, energetic and fun.  The MNC will put forth a “call for nominations” with tons of exuberance and joy, so that our actions will be considered as “actively soliciting” candidates for the position of Moderator.  And a key part of our “actively soliciting” includes emphasizing that we want every MCC-er to feel empowered to participate in the nomination process.


Question 5:  Can you send any of your communications in a sharable manner or post them on the Network Leaders FB group so we can share with our networks?

Answer:  Yes, thank you for telling us about the Network Leaders group and we will make a effort to include the network leaders as one excellent vehicle for getting the word out.  And when a “closed” or “private” Facebook group “set up” blocks the reposting of information, we encourage people to cut and paste any of our posts in multiple other places.  We welcome open widespread communications!


Question 6:  Will you be looking globally?

Answer:  Absolutely, and within this open process, we want to encourage people from anywhere in the world to apply, and also would hope that everybody else will think about excellent leaders globally that you would encourage to apply.  And certainly, having a deep global understanding and cultural competency will be an important qualification of the future Moderator.


Question 7:  With the current challenges facing MCC at this time, do you fear that no one will apply?  What will you do then?

Answer:  Please join us in daily prayer that God will call one or more highly qualified and spirit-led leaders to apply.  Our plans are to announce the opening of the nomination process in November with applications be accepted in December and January.  If we get toward the end of January and no one has applied, we will determine our next steps at that time.


Question 8:  Have you thought about strategies to avoid getting dragged into the unfortunate political discord that may be impacting the Governing Board.

Answer:  Yes, we are aware of the challenges currently facing MCC at this time, and feel that in this current climate, our role is even more critical in bringing forth Moderator candidates that can help MCC heal, grow and thrive into the future.  In terms of the Governing Board, they have been very good about trusting us to do our work without interference, and we ourselves as the five members of the committee have committed that all key discussions and decisions would always happen with all five of us present without any backroom or smaller subset discussions.


Question 9:  Will you be doing anything to change the process to assure we achieve a Moderator election in 2019?

Answer:  The MCC bylaws clearly lay out the process for Moderator election, and we will be abiding by those.  Achieving election depends up the movement of the Holy Spirit and the collective will of the body, and we trust in the process.


Question 10:  Since the process was somewhat convoluted last time, what strategic plan does the committee have in place or putting in place if we do not yet again elect a new Moderator?

Answer:  The committee is committed to working diligently and prayerfully in a fully open and transparent process that we believe will result in us bringing forward highly qualified and electable candidates.  However, our role stops there; when it comes time for the actual election process at the General Conference, that is guided by our bylaws and the Governing Board.


Question 11:  There may be proposals brought forward to General Conference to change the scope and the responsibilities and powers at the denominational level.  Is it possible that the job description for the Moderator may be changed after July?  How will this impact your interview / selection process?

Answer:  At this time, our nomination process is guided by the current wording in the current bylaws, plus we will utilize the feedback from the survey in terms of the most critical skills and qualities desired by the fellowship in the Moderator.  This question does raise a good point; things can always change, and certainly one quality desired in a strong Moderator is someone who can effectively lead in an ever fast-changing world.


Question 12:  Do you know if the Governing Board is actively working to change the voting process?

Answer:  No, we do not have that information and this is not part of our mission.  You should always feel free to provide input or send questions to the Governing Board directly.  And we can share with them that questions about the election process has come up in our first set of webinars.


Question 13:  As the process proceeds, may I call one of the committee members and ask questions about who has applied so far and how many, etc.

Answer:  We respectfully ask that you do not do that!  This type of information is confidential, and the five of us on the committee have agreed that we will have no individual discussions about nominees etc outside of our full committee meetings.  We will answer general questions about process and schedule, and all communications are jointly from all five of us as a unified team.


Question 14:  I know we have a network meeting coming up soon.  Can one of the MNC members attend either in person or virtually for a discussion about the Moderator Nomination?

Answer:  Absolutely!  As a committee, we have already reviewed the list of upcoming Network meetings, and have assigned one of us to each of them.  We will be contacting your Network Leader to volunteer to attend either in person or virtually and to secure a time on your networking meeting agenda.  We will be glad to give an update on our status and answer questions.


Question 15: What if your area does not have a Network meeting coming up in the future?

Answer:  We remain open and committed to other networks that may not have meetings upcoming to schedule a special Network conference call or webinar, and someone from the MNC will be glad to present.


Question 16:  Would you be able to give us more lead time before the next Webinars?

Answer:  Yes, and we apologize for the short notice.  We are on a learning curve ourselves to understand lead times for scheduling and working with the denomination master calendar.  We are planning a set of webinars for January and will provide at least a few weeks notice.



Question 17:  It appears as if the survey seeking input on the qualifications of the Moderator presupposes that the nature of the position of Moderator will not be changed.  Is that correct?

Answer:  That is correct. The survey was developed utilizing the current roles and responsibilities of the Moderator as outlined in the UFMCC ByLaws as our springboard for the survey. This survey does not take into consideration the possible/potential change in the position of the Moderator since such a change has not occurred prior to the development of the survey.


Question 18:  In addition to the survey, are there other mechanisms the MNC will or have used to solicit feedback into the qualifications of the next Moderator

Answer:  In addition to the survey, we always welcome anybody would like to give us via email to [email protected], and anything people may want to tell us at Network meetings or other venues.


Question 19:  Will you be sharing the survey results, or just using those results in your committee’s next steps?

Answer:  Great question!   In the spirit of transparency and openness, we plan to prepare a summary of results to share with the fellowship.  We will review that plan with our Governing Board Liaison.  In addition, there will probably be a lot of useful information and feedback from the survey that can help the Governing Board generally and the new Moderator in their work.   Many people invested their time in providing input, and we should be good stewards of those time investments.


Question 20:  Are you asking us whether we think this “ought to be” in the job description for a Moderator? Whether we think the “qualifications” for the current job need to include this? Or a combination of both?

Answer:  The role of the MNC is not to create or develop a job description for the Moderator. We are, however, seeking the input of members and friends of MCC regarding what they feel the qualifications should be for the individual submitting their name for consideration as the next Moderator. The questions are not asked in reference to the “current job”, which is being temporarily filled by an Interim Moderator. To reiterate, any feedback should be focused on what the community desires to see in the next elected Moderator of MCC.

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