Moderator Joins Support for Native Americans in Pipeline Dispute

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MCC Moderator Joins Support for Native American Protectors
Against Oil Defilement 
“I said a prayer of thanksgiving when I learned that the Obama administration had stopped the construction of the pipeline through Native lands in the Dakotas. I can only imagine that President Obama and I shared similar feelings of horror as we watched dogs viciously attack Native Americans as they stood to protect the land and water against oil defilement,” said the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Global Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC).
“Today, as the head of MCC, I join with religious leaders from Methodist, Presbyterian,Episcopal, UCC, and others who have spoken out to support the stand of Native Americans,” said Dr. Wilson. “After centuries of broken treaties and wars, when Native Americans are treated as trespassers on their own land, we know something is deeply wrong. We must act now. When the land is gone and the water is gone, there will be nothing left to save. For all Americans, the future of our children depends on a rapid shift to sustainable energy sources.”
“In the Dakotas, construction is paused, but we call on the U.S. government to stop construction on all pipelines. Oil is poisoning our waters and land. For Native Americans, this is just one more expression of genocide,” said Dr. Wilson. “Even the American Petroleum Institute projects spills of 40,000 barrels of petroleum products this year. Right now, almost 15 billion barrels of oil traverse the pipelines. Global warming and the poisoning of our land and water give us no option but to end the burning. This is a crime against humanity and a crime against nature.”
“As a denomination that has a special outreach to LGBTQ people, we particularly want to lift up our Two-Spirit, Native Queer people,” said Dr. Wilson. “Together, we stand at the crossroads of the survival of First Nation peoples of the Americas and with humanity itself.”