The MCC Governance Committee has appointed five capable candidates to serve as the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) through General Conference 2019. The Governing Board has affirmed these candidates. Please join us in congratulating the following persons as they are charged to do this work of the Moderator Nominating Committee per the UFMCC Bylaws Article V.E.2.a:

“MODERATOR NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Governing Board shall appoint a Moderator Nominating Committee of five (5) persons. The responsibility of the Moderator Nominating Committee is to actively solicit candidates for the position, review any and all applications, and select up to five (5) qualified candidates. The qualified candidates shall be presented by the Governing Board to the General Conference for election.”

After reviewing applications and conducting extensive interviews with both lay and clergy members from around the world, the Governance Committee selected and the Governing Board affirmed the following appointments:

Rev. Brendan Boone, Velma Garcia, Stan Kimer, Kellie Taylor-White, and Rev. Gavin Ward.

The Governing Board is pleased to introduce the members of the Moderator Nominating Committee:

Rev. Brendan Boone

Rev. Brendan Boone is currently the Senior Pastor of MCC of First Coast MCC in St. Augustine, Florida. He recently was elected to serve there October 22, 2017, and began serving as their Senior Pastor, on November 6, 2017. Rev. Boone has served in MCC for 35 years and brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and professional skill-set needed for the arduous task ahead of us.

Rev. Boone has served as Senior Pastor for St. John’s MCC, Raleigh, North Carolina from 2001-2015. He also served at MCC-DC, as Pastoral Assistant, Assistant Pastor for Education and Training 1997-2000. In his years of ministry, Brendan has served as Lay-Delegate, Student Clergy, Board of Director, Theologies Team, and much more extensive work in various capacities of leadership.

Rev. Boone received his M.Div. from Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C. and his undergraduate studies from Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, where he studied History/Social Science and Political Science. He has also achieved some honors in Post-Graduate work.

Rev. Boone loves UFMCC and believes in the future of this great denomination. He further suggests that he is called to this work in this season of church and movement.

Velma Garcia

Velma Garcia has a strong legal background as a civil litigation paralegal. She is highly experienced in advance and complex administrative platforms; skilled in:

  • processing electronic discovery into review platforms, performing searches, maintaining databases, and docketing deadlines;
  • using trial presentation software, drafting correspondence and pleadings;
  • USPTO Trademark filings, initial applications, maintenance filings, office action responses, and renewals.

Velma also has experience in organizational leadership.

She has been a member of MCC Austin, since 1992 and currently serves as a Deacon. Velma has served as a Worship Team Leader from 2007-2012. She has attended LEAD in 2013, she has also served as LEAD faculty member as well as a Network Leader, in which she organized Network Gatherings, programming, procured presenters, and assisted with planning worship services .

Velma currently serves as one of four Lay Delegates for MCC Austin. She has attended 5 General Conferences overall and believe she is called to serve at such a time as NOW!

Stan Kimer

Stan Kimer brings a wealth of corporate knowledge and experience with 30+ years of global IBM experience in Marketing, Finance, Development, Operations, Human Resources (Diversity) and Management, he retired on April 1, 2010. Stan currently serves as President/CEO of Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer, Inc., a consultancy with a focus on Diversity Management with a specialization in LGBTQIA career mapping/skills development. Stan has lead worldwide business and community conferences on the business imperative of LGBT Diversity. He has served on various community Boards e.g. NC Council of Churches, Raleigh Business and Professional Network, Raleigh Sister Cities.

Stan is also Founder of the Kimer-Kamba Community Center in Mtito-Andei, Kenya.
He is no stranger to MCC or the Non-Profit community. He has served in numerous roles: Member St. John’s MCC, Raleigh, NC 1991 – 2012 as lay delegate, Stewardship Chair, and on the Board of Trustees). He is a member and lay delegate of Neema MCC, Nairobi, Kenya since 2012.

In addition he has served as GLAD District Lay Representative, MCC Chair Commission on the Laity, Team Leader on MCC Ecumenical and Inter-religious Team, Governing Board Member, President, Chair of North Carolina Council of Churches Planning Committee.

Kellie Taylor-White

Kellie Taylor-White brings a wealth of experience as an Educator and Executive. Kellie currently serves as the Director of Workforce Investment Council (WIC). She is responsible for directing the activities WIC (53 member super-board), Occupational Forecast Conferences (responsible for long-term and short-term economic development projections for state), she serves on an Industry-Based Certification Council, where she is responsible to analyzing and approving student certifications based on industry needs and skill gaps.

Kellie is also a part of the subcommittees of the WIC including the Executive Committee where she aids as an designee on Boards and commissions including: Agriculture Education Commission, College and Career Readiness Council, Health works Commission, Early Childhood Advisory Council, and La. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Commission. She trains board members on functions of WIC and she passionately oversees the interagency collaborations for all of their learning methodologies.

Kellie has served in the following organizations:

  • NCTM – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • CEC – Council for Exceptional Children
  • AADB – American Association of the Deaf-Blind
  • ASCD – Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • AERA – American Educational Research Association
  • MCCSA – Former Lay delegate
  • MCCBR – LEAD program

Kellie loves MCC and believes God is calling her for the greater good.

Rev. Gavin Ward

Rev. Ward brings a strong pivotal international essence and spiritual leadership as a Pastor. He has been involved with MCC since 2001 and has served in the following churches and yet, never fails to be surprised to see where God is working and leading both the Church and himself in his ministry expedition:

  • Pitt Street Uniting Church
  • Metropolitan Community Church Sydney
  • Metropolitan Community Church Good Shepherd
  • Metropolitan Community Church Sydney
  • St. Stephen’s Uniting Church
  • Sunshine Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church
  • Metropolitan Community Church Good Shepherd
  • Metropolitan Community Church Anchorage

Rev. Ward has served in various roles on Church Boards of Directors as a Board Member and Vice Moderator. He brings several competencies to the MNC such as Ministry Experience, Technical Expertise, Music Experience, Secular experience in education and in business, and Risk, Auditing and Safety Management Skills.

Rev. Gavin Ward loves serving the church and has a BIG heart for MCC.

Should any of these candidates decide that they are unable to fulfill their obligations to the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC), the Governance Committee will select another applicant according to the ranking and rating system.

The Moderator Nominating Committee will be communicating more information regarding the process for soliciting candidates to stand for election as the next Moderator of MCC at General Conference 2019 in the months ahead.

Attached is the Charter for consideration: MNC Charter (below). You can also email [email protected] for a copy of the MNC Charter.