MCC Transgender MinistriesMission

MCC Transgender Ministries seeks to cultivate and nourish relationships with local communities and congregations, offering education and community-building skills to better enhance their ministry to/with transgender people. We also build relationships with transgender individuals to better connect them to MCC ministry families worldwide.


  • Empower people to respect and engage with those on a journey of gender transition
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual development for transgender people and their families and friends
  • Offer hope to those suffering oppression due to their gender identity
  • Engage in ministry in local communities
  • Facilitate the beginning and growth of transgender ministries in local communities
  • Provide resources to enhance the quality of ministry to/with transgender people

Current Activities

MCC Transgender Ministries has released our first church ministry program for transgender ministry in our local communities. Click Here to Learn More!

Team Lead

Stacy Sandberg