The Six Questions

1. What is Theology? How does it relate to the Christ Story?

2. What is the Theological Task of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC)?

3. How do we define the community to which we are called to minister?

4. How might we focus or bring to bear the Christian Gospel on the needs of the community we have defined?

5. How might we reflect or manifest that focusing task in our worship?

6. What is the unique emphasis of the Christian ministry of the UFMCC?

Put simply, “theology” is “God talk.” Since our beginning, MCC has been talking about God as we have claimed that one can be “gay” and Christian. As MCC enters into its fifth decade, the need for theological discussion, both within and outside of the church, has never been greater. While language can never fully capture the mystery of God, careful thinking and speaking about God can increase our understanding.

Metropolitan Community Churches have always been ecumenical in nature, drawing together people from diverse theological backgrounds. We believe that our theological diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

In a world increasingly divided by claims of theological orthodoxy and religious fundamentalism, our ability to intentionally engage our differences within a context of unity is one of the God-given gifts we have to offer the world. In a world increasingly bereft of hope due to indifference and secularism, MCC bears witness to the life transforming nature of God’s inclusive love. Indeed, MCC’s theological mission is to tear down walls and build up hope.

Our founders began MCC’s theological work in the early days of our movement through the Faith Fellowship and Order Commission, which sought to promote theological conversations within MCC and published “The Six Questions” — core questions that dealt with the mission and ministry of MCC.

There is no time like the present for MCC to be engaged in theological work. Because issues of sexuality and spirituality continue to be debated in religious communities worldwide, and because of the increasing interest in the academic study of sexual identities, it is time to renew our call to articulate the many theologies that are present in our lived experience as God’s GLBTQ people.

Ministry Purpose

The MCC Theologies Team seeks to create opportunities and provide resources that will enable “holy conversations” within our denomination about our various beliefs concerning the integration of sexuality and spirituality, the nature of Jesus, baptism, communion, GLBT people’s unique place on the margins of society, and the priesthood of all believers, among other things.

Our experience in MCC is that theological labels and characterizations can be hurtful and misleading.  Our hope is to build bridges across our theological differences and empower all people to do theology.

This team will also strive to articulate the unique theologies of MCC to the larger religious world, the academy, and our partners in social justice and human rights action.