Ken Martin at Union Theological Philippines Campus
Ken Martin at Union Theological Philippines Campus
Altar at MCC Quezon City
Altar at MCC Philippines


MCC’s Asian Pacific Initiative seeks to cultivate and nourish relationships with people of Asian and Pacific Islands descent, building vibrant, liberating Christian communities that are supportive of gender and sexual minorities and which respect the spiritual journeys of all.


  • Nurture hope and healing
  • Strengthen faith
  • Establish relationships with seminaries in Asia to develop local leadership
  • Provide resources to local churches and leaders
  • Provide opportunities to communicate in person and by internet


Rev. Boon Lin NgeoBarbara Crabtree
Reverend Ken Martin
MCC Elder
Reverend Ed Paul
Team Member
Reverend Stedney Phillips
Reverend Boon Lin Ngeo
Team Member
Barbara Crabtree

For more information, or to make a donation, email: [email protected]