Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Solidarity of Interfaith Communities Following Massacre at New Zealand Mosques

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The horrific violence of coordinated terrorist acts that killed 49 individuals worshipping in mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a call to action for people of faith including Metropolitan Community Churches.

As followers of Jesus, we must speak against the intimidation and murder of people who believe differently. We are called to unite when mosques and synagogues and churches are attacked. It is our moral duty to pray with urgency for this violence to end.

In MCC we value theological diversity. Our Statement of Faith proclaims “…We don’t all believe exactly the same things. And yet in the midst of our diversity, we build community….”

We must partner with our interfaith siblings to assure we are all safe when we worship. We cannot be silent when intimidation tactics that forecast harm or use of force are issued by nations, political leaders, or local bullies. Written and verbal threats, including hate messages of graffiti, can escalate into physical violence and often have lasting emotional pain on the victims.

Our faith is not passive. It is more than a reflection on the latest terror attack. Our faith calls us to respond and MCC will continue to speak out against violence and discrimination in whatever the form it may take.

We must take courage and be the leaders God calls us to be.