Metropolitan Community Churches Awards 2015

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Rev. John H. Hose Award for Dedicated and Faithful Service by a Clergy person in MCC

This award is named after Rev. Elder John H. Hose, one of the very first MCC clergy, serving at MCC Los Angeles, California, who became part of the very first Board of Elders, who was Treasurer of MCC and Vice-Moderator of MCC, and who contributed a great deal to MCC’s first Statement of Faith.


Rev. John FowlerRev. John Fowler

REVEREND JOHN FOWLER has given decades of faithful, consistent, dedicated ministry to MCC as a pastor and a denominational leader. His partnership with the Office of Emerging Ministries and the Office of Formation and Leadership Development has moved MCC to a new level of excellence and effectiveness.  Rev. Fowler embodies caring and consistent leadership in Australia and New Zealand, sometimes in an upfront role and sometimes behind the scenes, yet always in a way that inspires.


Kerry Brown Award for Distinguished Lay Leadership

This award is named after a pioneering lay leader, who, among many roles and offices she held, was a founder and mover of the pension plan for clergy in the US. 


Pj Dwyer


PJ Dwyer

PJ DWYER is being honored for commitment to the LEAD program in Australia. Pj has been a model for lay leadership in MCC through the completion of the LEAD program and continued promotion of the program as the LEAD Coordinator for the Australasia Network.

Liz Bisordi Picture MCC



Liz Bisordi

Upon retiring from a three-year term on the Governing Board as Treasurer, LIZ BISORDI got to work immediately serving MCC Networks as a Network Facilitator and supporting and training Network Team Leaders. Liz also volunteers for the Office of Church Life and Health, consults with MCC churches, and gives generously of her time and resources to our denomination.


Be Justice

Nominees are selected by the Council of Elders in honor of outstanding contributions to the work embodying the MCC value of being and doing justice globally and locally from the perspective of faith.


Ann Craig fallAnn Craig

ANN CRAIG is nominated for dedicated and passionate intersectional work for justice on behalf of MCC and beyond. Ann’s was founder of DignityUSA, Integrity, and Affirmation (UMC) chapters in the 1970’s in Richmond, VA.  She co-founded the Gay-Straight Coalition at Yale Divinity School in the 1980’s and was national co-convenor of Affirmation in the 1990’s. She is the current co-spokesperson of Affirmation and was the first director of religion at GLAAD where she worked hard to bring MCC into the limelight of the LGBT faith movement. Her willingness to work in coalition with many diverse groups, and unstinting generosity of time and expertise, is inspiring.


Latishia James



Latishia James

LATISHIA JAMES represented MCC at the 2014 U.S. White House Policy Briefing for Emerging Young Leaders. MCC celebrates Latishia’s dedicated work as a reproductive/sexual justice and faith organizer, and the broad impact Latishia presents as a Mary Jane Patterson fellow at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.


Bob Crocker Award for Excellence in Music Ministry

This award is named for Bob Crocker who pioneered excellence in music ministry at MCC San Francisco and at MCC General Conference for many years.


Jeremiah_CummingsJeremiah Cummings

JEREMIAH CUMMINGS has demonstrated excellence in music ministry in his local church and through his support of Leadership Mentoring Retreats and denominational events. Jeremiah is a model of healthy, open-hearted leadership in worship and ministry.


Purple Grass Award

This award is named for a sermon still preached by Rev. Elder Freda Smith, an MCC pioneer and evangelist, the first woman ordained in MCC and elected an Elder. It is given to persons who have a passion for Evangelism and for sharing the vision and message of MCC in creative and innovative ways.


Angel Collie photoAngel Collie

ANGEL COLLIE has authentically served and represented the denomination in so many ways – especially as a highly relational, inspirational, and unofficial ambassador for MCC around the globe. MCC celebrates Angel’s accomplishments, the new assignment at a prestigious university, and the continued intersectional work with TransFaith, Creating Change, and other many international justice organizations. In all things, Angel presents a refreshing embodiment of the gospel of Jesus, in the spirit of Purple Grass.


Jennifer Justice and Carlos Chavez Young Adult Award

This award is named for Carlos Chavez and Jennifer Justice, whose commitment to Young Adult leadership and inclusion in MCC has changed the denomination forever. The awards are given each year to young adults who demonstrate MCC’s values, and who show promise of future leadership in MCC.


Rev. Caedmon GraceRev. Caedmon Grace

REVEREND CAEDMON GRACE has demonstrated faithful service as a leader of the Creative Worship Service at Founders MCC and has been a bold representative of MCC at the 2015 Gay Christian Network Conference, consistently reaching out to encourage other young adults to become spiritual activists with MCC. MCC celebrates your ministry at Founders MCC and your commitment to the denomination.


Karen Hettel



Karen Hettel

KAREN HETTEL founded and chairs the “UPSTARTS” group of young adults at Open Circle MCC in The Villages, Florida, USA. She spearheaded the work to combine it with the Men’s Group in order to be more effective and include more members. The congregation recently elected her to the Board of Directors, and she serves as the Vice Moderator. Karen is excited about helping lead the church through this season of enormous change.


Phoenix Award  

The Phoenix Awards is for those who have revived a church or ministry.


Betel.groupBetel.Marcos LordBetel ICM/MCC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, DC Marcos Luiz Oliveira da Costa, Pastoral Leader 

For the leadership of your pastor, Board of Directors, and congregation in revitalizing one of MCC’s founding churches in Brazil after a time of change and uncertainty. Betel ICM/MCC’s faithfulness and growth in numbers and ministry is impressive.

Rev. Terri Steed Pierce.2



Joy MCC, Orlando, Florida, USA; REVEREND Terri Steed Pierce

For the leadership of your pastor, Rev. Terri Steed Pierce, Board of Directors, and congregation in a commitment to rebuild and grow again! We are proud of your efforts and your success in re-framing the vision and mission of your church, and for a new day.  Your leadership in the wider community and your commitment to excellence in ministry is inspiring.


Distinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Award is given for exemplary efforts that have positively impacted local churches and the MCC movement worldwide. 


Rev. Steph MaxsonRev. Steph Maxson

REVEREND STEPH MAXSON is being honored for faithful service as a pastor to Reconciliation MCC of Grand Rapids, her assistance to the Office of Church Life and Health, and in reaching out to Redeemer MCC in Flint, Michigan, USA, in their time of need and transition. MCC celebrates your years of dedicated service to the denomination.

Myke Sotero




Myke Abaya Sotero

MCC is grateful for MYKE ABAYA SOTERO’s faithful, excellent service to churches in the Philippines, especially MCC Baguio. Myke’s tireless example and commitment to justice, as a person of faith, serves as a model to emulate.


Rich Hendricks at MCC QC



Rev. Rich Hendricks

REVEREND RICH HENDRICKS has demonstrated faithful pastoral leadership. Rev. Hendricks models what it is to take justice to heart through endless work for marriage equality and immigration reform.

Rev. Hendricks is inspiring as shown in the efforts to reach out to youth and encourage diversity and inclusion in MCC of the Quad Cities.


Sherrill Parmley.1


Sherrill Parmley

MCC celebrates SHERRILL PARMLEY for faithful, dedicated service to MCC, especially to the Elders, Senior Leadership Team, and Governing Board in providing extraordinary hospitality, delivered humbly and with joy.  Sherrill has made a difference in the denomination.


Founder’s Award

Nominees are chosen by Rev. Elder Troy Perry, Founder of Metropolitan Community Churches, who selects an individual or group that has shown leadership in founding an MCC Church or Organization in a new country or region, or in the creation of a new ministry that impacts MCC’s future.

 Antonio Enrique Torres Nevárez



Antonio Nevarez 

ANTONIO NEVAREZ has demonstrated vision and courage in founding COMAC in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, a social service organization that has been recognized by the Mexican government and provides HIV/AIDS prevention and referral services, support for queer youth, and seeks to meet the needs of a diverse community with excellence, love and justice. Additionally, COMAC now partners with MCC’s Global Justice Institute. Antonio is a lay leader and student in care.


Network Ministry Award


David Zier.3Rev. Margaret HawkRev. David Zier and Rev. Margaret Hawk

MCC celebrates REVEREND DAVID ZIER AND REVEREND MARGARET HAWK for excellent work in taking the Network ministry to a new level, supporting a number of congregations in transition; and providing social, spiritual, and pastoral connection to all churches in the Network that includes Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. David and Margaret want to thank the wonderful CUSEN Network Team including Shannon Harper, Rev. Barry Christensen, Rev. Cathy Porter, and Beth Mink. Without them, this would not be possible.


Moderator’s Award: Special Recognition for Embodying the Values of MCC


Rev. Steve Torrence

Rev. Steve Torrence

REVEREND STEVE TORRENCE has served both Moderators in MCC, providing security at Conferences, and generously giving of time and resources whenever asked. Rev. Torrence is a police officer and chaplain, and models a breakthrough in community policing in his city.  Rev. Torrence volunteers as the pastor of MCC Key West, and has helped the church rebound from challenges in the past several years.  Additionally, he serves on the Global Justice Institute Board because its ministry and projects are among his passions.


Excellence in Diversity Award

This award is given to honor a church that embodies and models MCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Rev-Troy-TreashResurrection MCC

RESURRECTION MCC intentionally creates an inclusive, diverse, and equitable faith community through engaging in the difficult yet transformational conversations relating to the full inclusion of all people. Through sermons, panel discussions, ministry offerings, awareness efforts, and support groups, Resurrection MCC makes room at The Table for those who are transgender/gender-nonconforming, heterosexual, over 50 years old, under 35 years old, women, people of African descent, and Latino; those who move through the world with mental and physical challenges; and those infected or affected by immunity disorders (HIV/AIDS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc.), cancer (breast, cervical, ovarian, prostate, etc.), body image (obesity, anorexia, etc.), and addiction (overeaters, narcotics, sexual, etc.).




Rev. Jackie Carter

Rev. Jackie Carter

REVEREND JACKIE CARTER is the Program Office for the Women’s Advisory Council for MCC globally.  She pastors a church that has a commitment to those who are hungry. They feed 1,000 people per week and is the second largest food pantry in Kansas. The congregation, under Rev. Carter’s leadership, has been successful in reaching young adults. And her work on the front lines of marriage equality, in performing the first legal mass wedding in Kansas for same sex couples, resulted in excellent media attention, and then death threats. Rev. Carter is a fearless advocate for all who are marginalized.



Excellence in Technology Ministry Award

This award is given to a church technology minister/ministry or a ministry group that demonstrates excellence in the use of technology to further the mission and vision of MCC through their church or organization.


Founders MCC TeamsFounders Technology Team/TV Broadcast Team

FOUNDERS MCC TECHNOLOGY TEAM/TV BROADCAST TEAMS: For pioneering and implementing the most far-reaching MCC technology ministry anywhere. For the investment of your creativity, passion, time, and resources to model best practices and a future vision for all of MCC. Many were blessed by your leadership in MCC’s first virtual Network Gathering. Lives have been changed because of your faithfulness!