Meeting Adjourned – Report from the MCC Board of Elders Meeting

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Metropolitan Community Churches


Meeting Adjourned

Board of Elders Meeting

December, 2009


Last week, in Austin, TX, USA the Board of Elders met and through our time together were also able to meet with the Board of Administration, the Structure Review Team, The Interim Director of Operations and The Director of Formation and Leadership Development. 


It was time of discernment, prayer, exchange of ideas and most of all, renewal of faith in the movement we call MCC.  The highlights of our time together were:

  • The Board of Elders renewed our conviction that we want MCC to be more than sustainable . . . we want it to be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!  We believe that the MCC Movement is called by God and is poised for another level of growth and impact in the world.  We are not done yet!

  • The Structure Review Team chair, Rev. Tony Freeman, met with the BOE and BOA and shared the recommendations from the team.  We were also able to spend some time on a conference call with the entire team.  We are eternally grateful to the SRT for their tireless work on this project and the incredible dedication they have to MCC.
  • The BOA and BOE had a day to discuss the SRT proposal and come to consensus around some key guiding principles for structure and a basic framework from which to craft a structure proposal draft for feedback.
  • We decided on the steps to move a structure proposal forward from January until General Conference.
  • The BOE worked with the Director of Operations on our budget for 2010 and were able to do so within the framework requested by the BOA.
  • We celebrated the receipt of two grants.  One from the Soros Foundation for Leadership Development in Eastern Europe and one from the Arcus Foundation for work in Jamaica. 
  • We worked on a Strategic Communications Plan to use from now until General Conference.
  • We heard from our Conference Director about some of the plans for General Conference 2013!
  • We worked on a plan for energizing and resourcing our movement for a new decade.
  • We approved a Plan for working on Racism and Diversity throughout our movement in ways that begin to have our practice match our rhetoric.

As the Board of Elders, called by God and elected by the General Conference, we want you to know that:

  • We have never been more certain about the impact that MCC continues to have on the world and the power of our local churches to impact communities with an inclusive gospel.

  • We believe that the seasons of challenge only call us to lean on the One who has called us and stand strong in our determination to change the world.
  • We
    are invoking the ones who have gone before us to instill in us the spirit of courage and unrelenting optimism about our ministry in the world.
  • We are claiming again that
  • We are passionate about Inclusion in the family of God
  • We are serious about building spiritual Community
  • We are champions of Justice
  • We believe that encountering God through the life and ministry of Jesus will Transform us
  • We are emboldened to make the MCC Movement more than sustainable.  With God’s help and the conviction of MCCers everywhere, we will make it UNSTOPPABLE!

“We are not done yet!”

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