The new Statement of Faith and this accompanying Companion Guide are meant to be a part of the ongoing openness to conversation within MCC about our faith and beliefs. MCC has long been an umbrella under which people from many different theological perspectives have found a home. We hope that the words you find here, which have been carefully and prayerfully chosen, will foster conversations which will lead us to the growing edges each of us has theologically and personally. We believe that when we are open to those possibilities, the Holy Spirit will lead us to new and exciting places in our experience of the Divine.

In the history of Christianity, statements of faith have often taken on the form of a document created for external use—a list of propositions presented to the world. They often include long explanations, citing scriptural references and the teachings of earlier Christian writers or the founders of a particular tradition.

This Companion Guide will give the reader insight into each part of the Statement of Faith, the Commission’s research into MCC’s history and theology, and a listing of influential works.