MCC News – Moderator Calls U.S. LGBT Community to Keep its Eyes on the Prize

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Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

from Metropolitan Community Churches
Office of the Moderator
For Immediate Release:  4 November 2009
Moderator Calls U.S. LGBT Community to
Keep its Eyes on the Prize

Last night voters in Maine rescinded the recent legislative victory recognizing the right of lesbian and gay couples to marry.  Falling to a campaign similar to that leading to the passage of Proposition 8 in California last November, Maine became the 31st state in our union to reject marriage equality.
While I am disappointed and angry at this vote against human equality, I am also mindful of our long and resilient history as a people.  We may have lost this particular battle, but we are moving forward in accomplishing the vision of universal equality.
“Along side the loss in Maine,” said The Rev. Jim Merritt, Global Justice Liaison for Marriage Equality, ” the LGBT community experienced many victories and successes.
Detroit elected its first openly gay City Council Member, as did St. Petersburg, Florida and Maplewood, Minnesota.  Sandra Kurt became the first openly lesbian City Council Member in Akron, Ohio.  In Kalamazoo, Michigan  voters added gay and transgender people to its existing non-discrimination ordinance.  WashingtonState voted for statewide domestic partnerships recognition.  Last but not least, Mark Kleinschmidt became the openly gay mayor of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.”
I agree — the victories of last night are just as significant as the losses, and that is where I am encouraging all people of faith and good will to put their focus.  The Gospel is a grassroots movement based on the conviction that with God for us, nothing can ultimately stand against us.
Now is the time to turn our outrage, disappointment, anger and righteous indignation about the concept of voting for or against human equality into the kind of focused energy that can bring the kind of change those local victories in Kalamazoo and Chapel Hill are built on.
Rev. Jim assures me there are plenty of opportunities to turn our frustration into positive energy.  There is an openly lesbian candidate in a run-off race for the position of Mayor in Houston, Texas.  There is an openly lesbian African American poised to win a seat in the  Georgia State Legislature, who is also in a run-off race. All of us, whether we live in those states or not, have an opportunity to offer support and make a difference. 
An old Gospel hymn reminds us that we are like trees planted by water, that shall not be moved.  Now is the time to stand firm.  Now is the time to dig in and lay the kinds of foundations for the future that will guarantee a future bright with hope and promise.
Grace and Peace,

+ The Rev. Nancy Wilson, Moderator
Metropolitan Community Churches
For More Information about how you can be involved in the movement for Marriage Equality, contact Rev. Jim Merritt, Global Justice Marriage Equality Liaison at [email protected]
This statement prepared in conjunction with the Moderator’s Global Justice Team, Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair.

For Additional Information, Contact:
Kathy Beasley, Communications Director
Metropolitan Community Churches
P.O. Box 1374 Abilene, TX (USA) 79604
Kathy Beasley