MCC Moderator Responds to Recent Shooting

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While MCC Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, has been in Brazil working with marginalized people who face violence every day, the news has come about another fatal shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California (USA). “Once again,” Cecilia mourns, “we are witnessing young people suffering at the hands of gun violence.” Rev. Eggleston urges MCC churches around the world to continue to seek peace, and to explore ways of making sanctuaries and places of worship gun-free zones. MCC is about inclusive love, and finding ways to make our voices heard without doing harm.

We live in a world in which gun violence and senseless loss of life occurs every day. It sometimes seems as if there is no room to breathe before another notice needs to be sent out to urge us to pray and work together to change laws to make every country in the world safe for all people. Once again, Rev. Eggleston calls the people of MCC to come together in solidarity as a force for peace and understanding.

We know that God cradles those who have died, the shooters, and every family/friend/companion who is affected or triggered by these all too frequent events.  In the name of the one who is peace and who transcends every difference we have, we pray and work together in hope.  Amen.

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