MCC Moderator offers Prayers for Australia

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Rev. Elder Cecilia EgglestonMCC Moderator offers prayers for Australia

on behalf of MCC congregations around the world.


Let us join our hearts together in prayer:

God of many names, known as sacred by many peoples
Your land of Australia cries out, your people of Australia cry out to you.

Around the world, we join our voices with them in prayer. We bear witness to the suffering of the earth, its wildlife and its people.

We pray for rain and for the winds to die down

We pray for the end of the fires that rage and destroy

We pray for those who have lost their lives, their loves ones, their homes and businesses

We pray for true leadership to deal with the current emergency

We pray for vision, wisdom, commitment and action from leaders around the world to protect our planet

We pray for determination and focus in each one of us, that each of us may be good stewards of your creation

We give thanks for all those who are working tirelessly to bring the fires under control

We give thanks for the many who are providing shelter and comfort to those affected

We give thanks for those who are already rebuilding communities

We give thanks for those who are speaking truth to power

We give thanks for those who will bring change

Let us be among them