MCC Moderator Nominating Committee Announces Open Call and Period for Receiving Nominations and Applications

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The Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) is pleased to invite MCC Laity and Clergy all over the world to participate in our open call for nominations and applications, developed and informed by the Moderator Selection Criteria and Qualifications Guide which is now available.

The 2019 Moderator Selection Criteria and Qualifications Guide, issued by the MNC, is based upon global feedback and contributions from MCC Laity, Clergy, Staff, and the MCC Governance Chair. The Guide will assist those who feel called to serve as Moderator, as well as those who wish to nominate prospective candidates for consideration. The Guide provides pertinent information regarding the role and responsibilities of the Moderator, as well as the details regarding our open nomination and application process.

The most important feature of the Guide is that it outlines the qualifications and standards the MNC will use to review, evaluate and nominate up to five (5) qualified candidates for Moderator who will be presented for election by Clergy and Lay Delegates. It is our hope that this document will serve as an effective and useful tool for all those interested in the nomination process and those nominees interested in submitting an application.

Regarding the timeline for the nomination and application process, please keep these dates in mind:

Nominations via the MNC may be submitted up to and including 11 January 2019.

Applications may be submitted up to and including 30 January 2019.

All nominees submitted to the MNC on or before 11 January 2019 will be informed of their nomination and invited to prayerfully consider completing the application form, indicating their willingness to participate in the selection process developed by the MNC, informed by the Moderator Selection Criteria and Qualifications Guide and approved by the MCC Governing Board.

All application information and documents are available
on the MNC Website “Applications” tab.

We continue to solicit your prayers as the MNC moves toward announcing the slate of candidates for Moderator in early 2019. The presentation of the candidates will take place at General Conference XXVII in Orlando, Florida, USA in July 2019.

As always, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

Faithfully Yours,
2019 Moderator Nominating Committee

Velma Garcia (Co-Chair)
Rev Gavin Ward (Co-Chair)
Rev Brendan Y Boone (Vice-Chair)
Kellie Taylor-White
Stan Kimer