MCC Moderator Calls for Emergency Support for People in Haiti

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Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

Action Alert
Office of the Moderator
For Immediate Release:  13 January 2010
from Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches


Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Emergency Action
to Support People of Haiti

Yesterday, as the world watched, the island nation of Haiti suffered its worst natural disaster in 200 years. Today we must act!

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has devastated the region, destroying hospitals, schools, homes and most government buildings, with aftershocks continuing.

Family members inside and outside the country are unable to contact each other. People inside the country who have been able to make outside contact report that voices can be heard from the rubble and the fear is that many children are among the victims trapped in afternoon classes.

“The level of distress is indescribable,” said The Rev. Tania Guzman, in a phone con- versation today. “People are paniced over the inability to find those they love and care for.”

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This statement prepared in conjuction with The Global Justice Team of Metropolitan Community Churches,

The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair.

For Additional Information, Contact:
Kathy Beasley, Communications Director
Metropolitan Community Churches
P.O. Box 1374 Abilene, TX (USA) 79604
Email: Kathy Beasley


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