MCC Moderator Applauds Release of 1st Ever U.S. Domestic Strategy to Fight HIV/AIDS

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Tearing Down Walls.
Building Up Hope.

Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Applauds Release of 1st Ever U.S. Domestic Strategy to Fight HIV/AIDS and Calls for Continued Faithfulness in Ending the Global Pandemic

Office of the Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches

For Immediate Release: 14 July 2010

Today, on behalf of Metropolitan Community Churches {MCC}, I join my voice to those of our many allies in the fight against HIV/AIDS, in welcoming the long anticipated release of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy {NHAS} for the United States.

This strategy represents not only the fulfillment of a Presidential promise to the American people, but a step forward in the battle for a world without AIDS, because it models a type of leadership that values scientifically-based progress over the continued prevalence of myth, stigma and fear that has characterized so much of this nation’s and the world’s approach to addressing HIV/AIDS.

Our denomination is long tenured in the AIDS response, having been on the front lines of activist movements and serving as an oasis and refuge for both people affected by and living with HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic.  President Obama has demonstrated a new and welcomed willingness to tackle the types of stigma and discrimination that currently block prevention, treatment, care and support services among those most at risk for HIV infection and those living with HIV/AIDS, including our gay brothers and members of African American communities.

While lauding this historic and visionary step forward, I want to also recommit the time, energy and spiritual fortitude of MCCs across the globe to making sure that the noble efforts outlined in this new strategy become reality in the United States and inspiration for the wider world community. — The Scriptures remind us not only that people without a vision perish, but also that faith without works is dead.

We are the “church alive” and must now, today, recommit ourselves to the vision of a world without AIDS.

Too many people have already died and too many more are newly infected each and every day.  Currently 2300 people in 12 states in this country alone are on AIDS Drug Assistance Program {ADAP} waiting lists, and another 1000 will shortly be added.  That shortfall pales in comparison with the numbers around the globe who cannot access care and life saving treatments.

The goal of ending discrimination and reducing disparities in access to treatment and care, a key platform in the new NHAS, will only be reached when programs like ADAP are fully funded in the United States, and no one is ever again made to wait for the medications needed to save their lives now.  And that goal must become not only a parochial benchmark, but the world vision of all people of faith.

I am deeply grateful for the courage and leadership President Obama has demonstrated today, and … as we celebrate the promise the President’s strategy represents, and the championing of evidence-based approaches in education and treatment, let us also firmly resolve to remain faithful to doing all we can as individuals and communities to not only end AIDS here but everywhere.


The Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches

This statement prepared in conjunction with The Moderator’s Global Justice Team,

The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair.

To view the U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy, go to