MCC Leaders Urge Defense of Transgender People

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“We call on Donald Trump to publicly apologize,”
said Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, MCC Global Interim Moderator.


Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), its members, clergy, and officials expressed their shock, dismay, and rage at President Trump who targeted transgender people with a poisonous tweet that announced a ban on transgender people in the military because of their “costs and disruption.”

“When the Commander-in-Chief tweets policy changes in 140 characters, someone almost always gets hurt. This is discrimination and endangers the lives and reputations of all transgender people,” said MCC Interim Moderator Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown.

“Although reports state that Pentagon officials were blindsided, and Senator John McCain, the Senate Armed Services Chair, called this ‘yet another example of why major policy announcements should not be made via Twitter,’ we find little comfort in the banality of the President’s malevolent actions,” said Rev. Brown. “Transgender people are already the targets of rampant violence. This tweet, no matter how dismissed or discounted, gives bigots the endorsement of the President of the United States. His action is beyond reprehensible. As church leaders, we can state this is nothing less than evil, and we call on Donald Trump, as a man and a human being, to publicly apologize.”

“Knowing how unlikely a public apology will be, we call upon the U.S. government to fulfill their promises for full inclusion of transgender persons. As people of faith, MCC honors all of God’s people, in all expressions of genders and identities. We urge all religious and civil organizations to speak out and defend the dignity of transgender people,” said Rev. Brown.



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