MCC Headline News: Ideas and Resources for A Season of Gratitude!

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Seasons Change...

Dear MCC Pastors, Members and Friends:


Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson 

This year, MCC is pleased to release this collection of resources and planning materials to help support the lives of our people and congregations around the world as you celebrate a Season of Gratitude, All Saints Day, World Aids Day, and Advent.


This is the time of the year when we easily notice the changes in the seasons.  That change is different, depending on which hemisphere you live in, but change is happening nevertheless, bringing a season of gratitude, reflection and joy. It was composer and playwright Jonathan Larson who penned the question: “How do you measure a year in the life?”  


Season of GratitudeWe stand at a beautiful juncture in the church season that provides us with the opportunity to celebrate and share all of the things that we are so grateful for.  Beginning today, I invite you to click here and join me in a celebration “A Season of Gratitude” and acknowledge all of the blessings great and small, those that we have experienced and those that we know are the way.    



We Remember...Also, today is All Saints Day, a time to celebrate with our remembrance the lives, the love, and the journeys of those who have transitioned from this life.  Each year we experience the loss of those who have impacted our lives and ministry of MCC. One of the lessons from our Creating a Life that Matters curriculum describes our saints as, “The people that the light shines through”.  We are so blessed and grateful for the light of all of those lives that shine ever so bright as reminders of the truth of who we are as a global community.  Please click here and join me in sharing the names and memories of those radiant lights that have passed through your lives in lasting and loving ways by becoming a part of the MCC’s 2010 celebration of life & love called “We Remember”.


The Season of Advent


November 28th is the first Sunday of Advent,the season of waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus and it also marks the beginning of the Western liturgical year.  This season is filled with ancient stories of hope, preparation, joy, peace, light and love all against the backdrop of our individual lives and communal spirituality.  As you find yourselves in the time of preparation for the days to come, we hope that you will click here and find amidst this resource something that fits your community as well as take the time to share your ideas, thoughts and dreams for the season. 


We Are One...Since 1988, World Aids Day has meant raising our global consciousness in way that we can transcend  the stigmas and prejudice through education and awareness.  This year is no different and as we move closer to December 1st, I want to call the MCC community simultaneously to prayer and action in all that we do.  In years past, we have provided liturgies for special services and vigils and this year we are adding a little something different.  If you have ever asked yourself, “What can I do?”  This year we have created a World AIDS Day To Do List and video, and we hope that you will click here and find something on this list that connects your MCC to the soul of your community;  and that you will take time to share your suggestions and ideas as well.


It is my prayer that within each of the 525,600 minutes that comprise a year in our lives, the lives of our local churches and communities that we will extend the warmth of connection and community, the vibrancy of hope for justice and peace, the stillness of remembrance and renewal that can be found in a special way amidst the love and presence of Metropolitan Community Churches around the world.  For each and every one of you, I am so grateful.


Grace and Peace, 

 + Nancy 

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches