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 Metropolitan Community Churches
Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.Issue Number: Five
 MCC Headline NEWS
 Special Edition

Announcement of the MCC Governing Board Candidates

I am pleased to announce today that the Nominating Committee for the proposed MCC Governing Board has completed its work John Vespaand is recommending a slate of eminently qualified candidates for election to the Board by General Conference.
Next month in Acapulco, Conference attendees will have the opportunity first to approve the new Governing Board structure and then to elect 4 lay and 4 clergy members to the new Board. Five lay and five clergy candidates are being presented for election.
The Process
The Nominating Committee’s mandate was to develop and implement a process to establish the qualifications for the recruitment, evaluation and selection of potential Board members consistent with the Structure Review Team’s recommendations and the Charter for the new Governing Board.  Candidates were required to demonstrate the following:
(1)   Essential Qualifications (Assessed through the candidates’ submissions to the Nominating Committee)
These included local church membership, recognized by others for their contributions, a record of service or leadership and a record of accomplishment(s).
(2)   Essential Competencies (Assessed through the interview process and personal references)
These included trustworthiness and integrity, interpersonal skills, communication skills, flexibility, teamwork skills, conflict management skills, support for diversity and a spirit of generosity.
(3)   Important Attributes (Assessed through self-disclosure, interviews and Resume)
These included diverse perspectives (candidate diversity) and complementary skill sets critical to the operational needs of the new Board (for example, expertise or ability in legal, financial, human resources, governance and leadership fields.) 
The Nominating Committee reviewed candidate submissions, screened them against the qualifications required, conducted interviews, reviewed personal references and shortlisted the candidates to arrive at the recommended slate.
The Candidates
The Nominating Committee was thrilled with the response of very well-qualified candidates offering different skills, attributes and work experiences. They traveled different paths into MCC but shared their love for MCC and their passion to serve.
Twenty-two (22) candidates applied to be considered for the 8 positions. Twelve (12) were interviewed and ten (10) are being recommended for election.  Candidates not recommended or elected will be referred to the new Board for consideration over the next few months as appointees to fill the various sub-committees that will assist the Board in delivering its mandate.
Your Slate of Candidates
On behalf of the Nominating Committee I am pleased to announce for your consideration the candidates recommended for election to the Governing Board:
 Clergy Candidates:
            Rev. Onetta Brooks
Rev. Kevin Downer
Rev. Tony Freeman
Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin
Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis


Lay Candidates: 

Liz Bisordi
John Hassell
Nancy Maxwell
Bryan Parker
Raquel Benitz Rojas   

Click here to review each candidate’s short biography.  The Nominating Committee will be pleased to answer your questions regarding the nominations process through our email:  [email protected].
I wish to thank not only all the candidates for their professionalism and well-prepared submissions, but also the members of the Nominating Committee who participated in developing your slate of candidates within a very short time horizon.
John Vespa
Chair, Nominating Committee
On Behalf of the Nominating Committee
Helen Berry
DeWayne Davis
John Vespa
  Consultant – Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

General Conference is only 30 Days away!   See you Acapulco!

General Conference

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