MCC Governing Board Updates: Virtual Voting, Finances, Transition Timeline, Listening Webinar

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Virtual Voting at 2019 General Conference
The Governing Board is excited to introduce technology for real-time voting. This will be an opportunity for eligible Clergy and Lay Delegates who are unable to attend the conference onsite to cast a vote in during this historic General Conference Business Meeting.
With a Day Rate Registration, the General Conference Business Forum is also available. Registered voters will receive a unique link to give them access to the Business Forum and Business Meeting. As with all forums and meetings, onsite or virtual, there will be time limitations to the number of people who will have voice. We will provide more information at a later date about how those attending virtually can submit a question to be read aloud by a person onsite. Virtual Voters will not appear on camera and will not have microphone access to conserve bandwidth.
Virtual Voting and Day Rate Registration
The Governing Board approved Virtual Voting as a way to support those who are unable to attend General Conference and yet want to participate in the business of the denomination. Virtual Voting in real-time will give more delegates the opportunity to vote at a cost significantly less than travel, hotel, and food costs related to attending General Conference in person. The Day Rate registration covers the costs of the virtual voting balloting system through the company providing the voting devices, staff hours to set up each registered voter, and additional internet usage fees.
Registration at the Day Rate will allow eligible delegates to attend the the Business Forum on Monday, 1 July 2019, and vote during the Business Meeting on Tuesday, 2 July 2019.
Register today! An email with instructions will arrive after your register! Paste this link into your browser, or scroll down to locate a button to launch the registration page.
Questions? Contact us! [email protected]
MCC Financials
We are pleased to share some good news as we progress in these areas of MCC’s financials:
To date we have caught up on all accounts payable and are current. We are no longer paying late fees to our credit card vendors.
Refunded designated funds: We have restored $31,404 USD of the $66,524 USD owed. This was made possible by a portion of the funds from the finance appeal and back assessments that were collected.
We have completed the 2015 audit and are waiting for the finalized report. We have initialized the 2016 audit and have queued up the 2017 audit once 2016 is completed. The audits were paid with some of the funds from the Finance Committee appeal.
In August 2018 we launched a program to communicate with churches regarding outstanding assessments and reports. We have been in discussion with churches to create agreements that allowed them to pay a negotiated amount of back assessments. Additionally, for a limited time, their assessment is adjusted to a lower percent, subject to review every six (6) months over a two (2) year period. To date, we have recovered an additional $200,000 USD in back assessments and written off $90,000 USD as bad debt.
We identified a knowledge gap in working with the advanced functions of Quickbooks. In an effort to close this gap, select staff will attend a tailor-made training program to help increase skill sets and full functionality of the software.
We acknowledge the teamwork of the UFMCC Finance Committee, Staff, and Governing Board members for the progress made in these areas. We worked as a team to accomplish these goals.
Intentional Transition Team
The Governing Board appointed the individuals who comprise the Intentional Transition Team (ITT) to develop a timeline through 01 September 2019. The timeline lists the tasks and responsibilities necessary to facilitate the transition from the outgoing Interim Moderator and Governing Board to the newly elected Moderator and Governing Board following General Conference.
The transition includes orientation and team-building training on 05-06 July in Orlando, Florida, USA, for the newly elected Moderator and Governing Board facilitated by Rev. Elder Don Eastman. The last meeting of the outgoing Governing Board on 25 July 2019 will include the incoming Governing Board who will elect their officers and assume responsibilities at the end of the meeting. The newly elected Moderator will take office on 01 September 2019 with the opportunity to consult with the outgoing Interim Moderator through 31 August 2019. During this transition/integration period, incoming Governing Board members and Moderator will have initial communication and consultation with MCC Staff and Council of Elders.
Please keep MCC in your prayers during this transition period and beyond. Our team’s email address: [email protected].
Governing Board Listening Webinar
Tuesday, 21 May at 7 pm EDT / 23:00 UTC
As part of our effort to seek restoration and renewal in the denomination, the Governing Board has submitted a motion to General Conference to form a commission to facilitate a pathway of healing for MCC.
In the meantime, the Governing Board will host a one hour webinar 21 May 2019, for the purpose of listening. We want to listen even though we may not be able to solve or fix all of your concerns, and we want to celebrate your successes. We ask that you use “I” language to respectfully share without shaming, blaming, or slandering another person, especially since they will not be able to respond. We will give each person a few minutes to share. If you would like to speak, please wear a headset or earbuds with a microphone.
We care and we look forward to the opportunity to hear from you during the webinar.


Virtual Voting Registration

for eligible delegates who cannot attend General Conference in person

Event Day Rate:

(Fee listed in USD)
$10 – Africa/Asia/Caribbean
$25 – Ibero-America/Eastern Europe
$100 – US/Canada/Europe/Australia/New Zealand
Read about the Virtual Voting Steps in the Procedure Handbook



Click button above to register or paste this address into your browser.


The Governing Board will host three (3) webinars on what you need to know about the Business Forum and Business meeting and the voting process. These will be held on the following dates:
Governing Board Business Meeting Webinars
Tuesday, 04 June 2019, 11 am EDT / 15:00 UTC (English)
Tuesday, 04 June, 7 pm EDT / 23:00 UTC (English)
Thursday, 06 June 2019, 7 pm EDT 23:00 UTC (Spanish/Portuguese)