MCC Governing Board 30th September Meeting Update: Decisions and Financial Snapshot

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Dear People of God:

The Governing Board (GB) met on 30th of September. This meeting took place earlier than anticipated to allow for the Moderator and GB members to travel to Washington, DC, USA, for the historic celebration of “MCC’s story” being added to the Smithsonian collection. We are so pleased that Rev. Elder Troy Perry’s legacy will be forever preserved and shared.

The Governing Board has invited a member of the Council of Elders to open each of our meetings in prayer. Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez blessed us with prayer this month. He chose to use the prayer that Rev. Elder Troy Perry had written as a way of honoring his upcoming time with the Smithsonian. Rev. Elder Gutiérrez then left the call as we started our meeting.

At the beginning of the Governing Board meetings, we spend time dreaming about what we hope for in our service together. At this meeting, these included the hope that we would have Oasis groups and other virtual groups in many languages around the world. Also, that MCC denominationally and MCC congregations commit to decreasing our carbon footprint and that Climate Change becomes one of our justice priorities.

We discussed many items on the agenda. Here is a summary of the main decisions:

  • Consider options for General Conference 2022, the complications of contracts signed, and our options for doing conferences in different ways. We continue to explore what will be possible.
  • Clarify the definitions of Task Forces, Commissions, and Committees and examine similarities and differences.
  • Update the application process to ensure the Governing Board committees are as diverse as is possible.
  • Receive the Moderator’s report. The full report can be read here: 09 2019 Moderator’s Report (

We discussed the motions regarding an Assessments and Structure Commission and the motion to set up a Commission on Rites and Sacraments. We agreed to move these motions to our January agenda. We considered what technology would be necessary to have Governing Board meetings in open session and realize we must research how to offer equitable access. We spent time discussing the recent letter explaining the need to cut the staffing budget to 60%.

We thank all the churches who participated in Fellowship Sunday and collected an offering for the Fellowship. There is still time to make this happen in your local church as we celebrate 51 years of MCC in the world.

Governing Board Treasurer, Chad Hobbs, continues to work with MCC staff and the Finance Committee to provide an up-to-date and easy to follow financial “snapshot.” The financial summary for August is shown below. Full financial reports can be located on MCC’s website:

Please continue to keep us all in your prayers, as we serve you.

Respectfully submitted by,

Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Clerk on behalf of the Governing Board
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator
Mark Godette, Vice-Moderator
Chad Hobbs, Treasurer
Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey
James Chavis
Clare Coughlin
Rev. Alberto Najera
Rev. Paul Whiting

UFMCC Financials Snapshot: Aug 2019