MCC Global Prayer Vigils – 6 January

2022 Global Prayer Vigil


Multiple Vigils in Various Time Zones

As 2022 begins, all over the world, hearts are longing to see light. MCC invites you to join one or many of our zoom prayer-vigils on January 6th (Epiphany).

They will be held at 7pm in a sequence of time-zones around the world, starting at our 2022 Global General Conference site in Manila, Philippines. And then around the world in different time-zones.

You may choose to attend the time-zone closest to you, or you may join any of them, and as many as you like.

Since Epiphany is a celebration of Revelation-Light of Christ for all people everywhere, we invite you to bring a light — be it a candle, a torch, or a phone.

Elders will available in the meetings to pray for you, and there will be space for you to pray spontaneously for issues on your heart, or to receive ministry.

These are the time zones for the vigils.

  • Manila 7pm PHST (11am GMT)
  • Western Africa 7pm WAT/CET (6pm GMT)
  • Western Europe 7pm WET (7pm GMT)
  • São Paulo and Latin America online 7pm BST (10pm GMT)
  • Houston 7pm CST (1am next day GMT)
  • Los Angeles 7pm Local Time (PST) (3am next day GMT)


Need help converting time zones? This will help.


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