MCC Global Leader Denounces President’s Executive Order Targeting Reproductive Health Care for Women

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“The integrity of women’s bodies and lives are foundational for the success 
of whole countries.” Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, MCC Global Interim Moderator


Metropolitan Community Churches decried the unleashing of discrimination in the name of religion as employers were freed by President Trump’s executive order to deny reproductive health care coverage to women if employers believe their religion or moral beliefs prohibits these services.

“The integrity of women’s bodies and lives are foundational for the success of whole countries. When women succeed, are healthy, and have access to education and economic well-being, cultures, families and children thrive as well,” said Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches.

“Not only women’s lives are at stake here. Treasured freedoms and values are at risk. In a space of less than a week, we have witnessed President Trump attack the free press, unleash religious discrimination, subjugate women’s reproductive health, defund United Nations programs that advocate for women, disrupt healthcare markets, and threaten to end aid to a decimated Puerto Rico. We must speak out and advocate for the lives of women and all people who need health and well-being,” Rev. Brown said.

“As the global spiritual leader of MCC congregations that support LGBTQ people, I believe we are at a crossroads. Our faith demands that we say ‘NO!’ to these injustices,” Rev. Brown said. “MCC’s Statement of Faith proclaims,’We expect to see Your reign on earth as it is in heaven as we work toward a world where everyone has enough, wars cease, and all creation lives in harmony.'”

“MCC leaders and members are called to speak out for dignity of all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, and so many other identities which are often targeted. Our resistance is grounded in the depth of our souls and bodies. We have fought for our right to love and live, and we will fight for others, as well. We will not go back,” Rev. Brown said.