MCC Council of Elders Statement about MCC as a Sanctuary Denomination

International Human Rights Day – 10 December 2019

As nations around the globe tighten their borders and restrictions allowing immigrants, refugees, migrants and asylum seekers access to greater safety, freedom and human rights protections, Metropolitan Community Churches joins sibling congregations around the world in becoming a sanctuary denomination.

Grounded in the 3-prong vision of its founder, The Rev. Elder Troy D. Perry ~ salvation for all, community for all, and social justice for all ~ we declare our intention to both be safe space for all who are seeking a spiritual home, and advocates for global policies that respect the rights of all those fleeing violence and seeking a more promising future to move, to pursue asylum, and to engage a full and fulfilling future for themselves and their children.

As a movement of faith espousing the liberating Gospel of Jesus the Christ and the foundational belief that God’s love includes all of humankind, we have spoken to and worked for the freedom, protection and inclusion of LGBTQIA persons, stood for women’s liberation and equality, advocated for children’s rights and protections, marched for civil rights and the elimination of racist policies, and actively assisted in the relocation of Cuban refugees. Many of our members are currently engaged in relief efforts to assist refugees being detained or turned away in places like the southern border of the United States.

Churches and their sanctuaries have long been recognized as safe spaces for people seeking refuge from persecution and unjust pursuit. Today, in declaring, our denomination a sanctuary community, we encourage our congregations and their memberships to open their hearts, their doors and their resources to promote the safety and well-being of all God’s children, for the sake of keeping families and their children together, and toward the day of ending detention of those fleeing violence and persecution.

Love the stranger, for once you were strangers….
Deuteronomy 10:19

As often as you did it to the least of these, you did it to me….
Matthew 25:40

While we, as spiritual leaders in Metropolitan Community Churches, realize different communities will hold differing perspectives and practices, we stand together in committing ourselves to achieving God’s vision of a world at peace with its own diversity.

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