MCC Condemns Racist Vulgarity by US President Donald Trump

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“As for me and our MCC house, we choose the God of love and justice.”
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, MCC Interim Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) leaders condemned President Donald Trump’s crude and racist disparagement of Haiti and African countries.

This week was marked by:

  • The immigration raids on 7-Eleven stores coast-to-coast,
  • Vacillating conversations about Dreamers and DACA between Trump and Congressional Democrats and Republicans,
  • Detention of immigration advocates,
  • Trump’s announcement that 200,000 Salvadorans would be deported, and
  • A looming government shutdown as Republicans and Democrats weigh the impact of using the budget process to gain support for immigration actions.

In the middle of this campaign against immigrants, Trump made statements against Haitians and Africans that stunned global leaders around the world. His spokespersons did not deny the statements and it took a full day for Trump to move into an ambiguous denial where he still described Haiti as a “troubled” country.

“Our shock and dismay at Trump’s defamatory words against Haiti and and African countries can never leave us speechless. For a moment, I want to address him directly: ‘Donald J. Trump, your behavior is loathsome, and you do not represent the vast majority of Americans! You have abdicated your role as president of all Americans and no longer deserve our respect. As for me and our MCC house, we choose the God of love and justice who created all of us as beloved children of God, regardless of country, gender, or race,'” said the Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator of MCC.

“Today, the US Ambassador to Panama resigned in protest over President Trump’s gross malfeasance,” said the Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez, MCC’s Head of Development for Latin America. “Throughout the world, demagogues and tyrants are witnessing the cascade of self-dealing, lies, and defamation coming from Trump and what they see is a partner in corruption. The damage he is doing to the United States and the rest of the world cannot be overstated.”

Trump’s track record on issues of race is dismal. He was the chief promoter of the lie that Barack Obama, America’s first African American president, was born outside the USA. He called Mexican immigrants rapists and “bad hombres.” He responded to the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, by saying there were “very fine people on both sides.” Trump has called himself the “least racist person that you’ve ever met” but also said that all Haitians have AIDS and Nigerians live in huts.

According to CNN (, Republican Rep. Mia Love of Utah, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, said that Trump’s comments “fly in the face of our nation’s values,” and demanded that he apologize to the American people and to all the nations he maligned.