MCC Calls for Applications to Serve on the International Task Force

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We are better together

MCC Calls for Applications to Serve on the International Task Force

Special Edition November 2010

The Global Connection

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Purpose of the International Task Force

  1. Analysis of current International scope of MCC
  2. Definition our global goals and ministry within MCC’s defined mission to “Tear down walls and build up hope”
  3. Identification and proposal of changes that are needed to enhance our global ministry and structure
  4. Increase in global awareness
  5. Improved resourcing of local churches
  6. Exploration of national church models and alternative organizational models
  7. Strengthening our sense of global connection and belonging
  8. Addressing theological, cultural and ecclesiastical issues
  9. Development of local leadership

Basic Requirements of all Applicants

  • Member in good standing of a local MCC congregation
  • Commitment to MCC Core Values
  • Team player
  • Fluent in English
  • Desire to serve
  • Commitment to our global church
  • Willing and able to participate virtually
  • Demonstrated willingness and ability to follow through with commitments
  • Direct and truthful, demonstrates openness and honesty.
  • Keeps confidences
  • Relates well to all kinds of people, inside and outside of the church
  • Maintains appropriate boundaries in both professional and personal relationships
  • States own opinions clearly and concisely
  • Uses consideration and tact when offering opinions
  • Seeks, considers and values diverse perspectives and ideas and treats all people with respect, without regard to race, sex, colour, religion, or gender identification
  • Able to do different tasks effectively
  • Shares critical information with everyone involved in a project
  • Settles disputes collaboratively and equitably utilizing direct dealing techniques

Why An International Task Force for MCC?

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator MCC

MCC has had a vision of being global since our early days. In faith, we discerned that the message God gave Rev. Troy Perry was not meant only for a few churches in urban areas in North America. Over the years, our ministry has expanded to include more than 30 countries, with contacts in many dozen more.

This task force is about serving our people and our communities around the globe, such as:

  • Rev. CeeJay in the Philippines, who hosted the first REVM in Asia this year;
  • the half a dozen new clergy interns in the Philippines are going to explode the presence of MCC there in the next few years;
  • Rev. Alberto Najera, with several groups and emerging churches in Panama;
  • Florin Buhuceanu fighting for human rights, and supporting MCC groups in the Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Malta and a young lesbian in Pakistan who has a chance to go to school because of MCC;
  • A child in Mother of Peace Orphanage in Zimbabwe, supported by many MCC members and churches, along with The Fellowship;
  • LGBT people of faith in Uganda, crying out to us to make their fight for their lives our fight;
  • Jamaicans who are “Sunshine Cathedral MCC in Jamaica” while fighting lethal homophobia every day;
  • LGBT people in Haiti, so surprised to meet members of ICM Santo Domingo, who came to help after the earthquake – amazed to hear the good news of God’s love from God’s queer saints in the Dominican Republic!
  • and so many more!!!

A few things seem true, and almost self-evident: our mission, to tear down walls and build up hope” is an urgent one. Today, in the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, our communities are emerging, thriving and being tested all over the world. Even with our American roots, MCC’s passion as the “gay church,” “the church with AIDS,” and more recently, “The Human Rights Church” does translate into many cultures and contexts. But demand for MCC resources, training and connection has long outstripped our human and financial resources.

Goal of the International Task Force

GoalsThe International Task Force’s goal is to bring substantive, structural, ecclesial and programmatic recommendations the MCC Governing Board for review, which may include Bylaws changes. The Governing Board will review them and bring a final proposal forward to the Chicago 2013 General Conference for decision. The International Task Force shall be encouraged to do its work freely and responsibly: to research, ask questions and discuss ideas and bring them forward as seems appropriate to them, with the support of MCC leadership and staff.

Our First Steps

Nature and Composition of the International Task Force

There is an open application process for individuals who are interested in serving on the International Task Force. MCC leaders, churches and networks will be encouraged to invite qualified persons to apply. Applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee. Successful applicants will be appointed by the Moderator and approved by the Governing Board. Expenses for participation will be funded by MCC as approved by the Governing Board in the annual budget process.

The International Task Force will not be a permanent part of the structure of MCC and will be disbanded when its task is completed.

The International Task Force will consist of:

  • 12 members
  • Minimum of 60% from outside of USA & Canada
  • Maximum of 40% from USA & Canada
  • Moderator
  • Member of the governing board
  • Consultant external to MCC

In addition, MCC staff will assist the process.

The following will be taken into consideration in selection of the applicants

  • Gender identity diversity
  • Racial/Cultural/National Diversity
  • Theological Diversity
  • Consideration of representatives of diverse generations and age with, however, emphasis on young leaders
  • Balance of Clergy and Laity
  • Representatives of individuals with (dis)abilities.

Timeline for the Selection of

Members and Work of the International Task Force


November 2010: Announcement of the International Task Force and invitation for individuals to apply to serve on the Task Force.

December 6, 2010: Deadline for receipt of applications to serve on the International Task Force

December 2010: Pre-selection of applicants to be interviewed.

January 2011: Selection Committee contact with pre-selected applicants and interview with the Moderator.

February 2011: Candidates appointed and initial structure of the Task Force established by the Moderator and approved by the Governing Board; candidates formally appointed and introduced to MCC churches.

March 2011: First virtual meeting and election of committees and chairs; selection by the Moderator of 3 co-leaders for the International Task Force.

March through October 2011 – Possible face to face of three person steering committee of the Task Force.

April 2011: Fully active-virtual meetings scheduled as needed

End of 2011/beginning of 2012: One face-to-face meeting.

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Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

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