MCC Award Nomination Process Opening Soon!

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Is there someone in your community or congregation who needs to be recognized by Metropolitan Community Churches for their work? Is there a church that ought to be recognized for their discipleship? Is there an aligned organization that has been an outstanding partner to Metropolitan Community Churches, your local church, community or country? 
Metropolitan Community Churches is seeking nominations for all awards below. Start thinking about who you will nominate! Nomination forms will ask for the name of the recipient and the reasons you are nominating them. The nomination form will be out next week and be open for 2 weeks.

Award Names and Descriptions

Excellence in Diversity Award
This award is given to honor a church that embodies and models MCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Phoenix Award
The Phoenix Award is for those who have revived a church or ministry.
Purple Grass Award
This award is named for a sermon still preached by Rev. Elder Freda Smith, the first woman ordained in MCC and elected an Elder. It is given to persons who have a passion for Evangelism, and for sharing the vision and message of MCC in creative and innovative ways.
Excellence in Technology Ministry Award 
This award is given to a church technology minister/ministry or a ministry group that demonstrates excellence in the use of technology to further the mission of the church or group.
Bob Crocker Award for Excellence in Music Ministry 
Named for Bob Crocker who led music at MCC San Francisco and at General Conference for many years, this award celebrates excellence in music ministry in a local or global context.
The Ed Paul Award for Transitional Ministry 
This award is given to an outstanding Interim Pastor.
Emerging Ministry Award
This award recognizes a person(s) and/or ministry that embodies MCC’s vision and values and shows promise of growth and success.
Kerry Brown Award for Distinguished Leadership 
This award is named after a pioneering lay leader, who, among many roles and offices she held, was a founder and mover of the pension plan for clergy in the US. This award honors outstanding service to MCC as a Lay Leader.
Rev. John Hose Award for Dedicated and Faithful Service by a Clergy Person in MCC 
Named after Rev. Elder John H. Hose, one of the first MCC clergy who became part of the first Board of Elders, served as Treasurer of MCC, and who contributed a great deal to MCC’s Statement of Faith, this award honors outstanding service to MCC as Clergy.
Network Ministry Award 
This award is given to a Network for excellent service to its local churches and leaders.
JoNee Shelton Lay Leadership Award
This award is given to a long-serving Lay Delegate.
Jennifer Justice and Carlos Chavez Young Adult Award
This award is named for Carlos Chavez and Jennifer Justice, whose commitment to Young Adult leadership and inclusion in MCC has changed the denomination forever. The awards are given to young adults who demonstrate MCC’s values, and who show promise of future leadership in MCC.
Profiles of Courage Award
This award is given to those who courageously live out the gospel message.
Theological Award 
This award recognized persons elevating the voice of queer theology.
Mutuality in Ministry Award
This award is given by a lay person in recognition of a clergy person who believes in the work of the laity and embodies being “a priesthood of all believers.”
Edith Allan Perry Award 
This award is given to parents and or family members who unconditionally love their children.
Ecumenical Award
This award recognizes leadership across ecumenical ministries.
Human Rights Award
This award is given in honor of outstanding contributions to the work of human rights including the connection of faith and human rights.