MCC Announces Proposed Structure Review Plan

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Metropolitan Community Churches

Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

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from Metropolitan Community Churches

Office of the Moderator

For Immediate Release:  28 February 2010    


MCC Moderator Announces New Structure Proposal


Here it is!  We are pleased to share with you the draft proposal and implementation plan for a revised MCC structure.  We are grateful for the efforts of the BOE, BOA, SRT combined with a consultant from the Alban Institute that have prepared us for and brought us to this moment in the history of our existence.


This is just a brief outline to help you successfully navigate through all of the content that has been prepared and placed on MCC Structure Review Website.  Each segment of the document is available for you to review from the website or to download and review.  We recognize that this is a good amount of information to engage and take in, so to help ease that process, the webpage has been set up to allow you to review and respond to each section of the proposal.  The segments of the proposal are: 


Preamble: Imagine Alignment, Accountability and Participation


Highlights of the Proposed Structural Changes (This is a summary of the proposal)


Implementation Schedule and Tasks

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 


We are looking forward to the feedback, and to an exciting General Conference in Acapulco!


Grace and Peace,


 + Nancy


The Rev. Nancy Wilson

Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

Preamble: Imagine Alignment, Accountability and Participation

We hear the words of David, who was humbled as he prayed, “Who am I, O God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?” (1 Chronicles 17: 16)

Metropolitan Community Church has a unique place in church history as a prophetic innovation and a dynamic reformation. We truly have “an unfinished calling in an unfinished world.” Our mission of “tearing down walls and building up hope” is as needed, real, and relevant as ever! Among the families of faith in our world today, MCC is alive, vibrant, changing lives and challenged to keep up with the demands of the 21st Century.

The world is changing rapidly all around us. In some parts of the world, LGBT people are achieving equality, while, in others, religious homophobia fuels human rights abuses. In some places, MCC has re-invented itself in a “post-gay” environment, expanding upon the call to radical inclusivity. In other places, underground LGBT-friendly groups still seek connection to MCC as a spiritual lifeline to the amazing grace and good news of Jesus Christ. People with HIV/AIDS all over the world need dignity, justice, and a spiritual community.


Click the following link to read the entire Preamble: 

Preamble: Imagine Alignment, Accountability and Participation

Highlights of the Proposed Structural Changes

An important tenet of organizational design is that form follows function; in the same way, the structure of a church needs to be one that will support its ministry. A key part of the structure review process included identification of MCC’s core functions as a denomination:


·         Resourcing local churches for the mission of MCC

·         Affiliation of local churches

·         Lay and clergy leadership development, in alignment with our faith and core values as a church and a justice movement

·         Communications: internal and external

·         Financial accountability and stewardship


One of our most important insights was that the local church in MCC has been very constant in its basic structure, while flexible enough to accommodate growth and change. We have proposed a denominational structure that largely parallels the structure of a local MCC church, particularly a program-sized church. We think that this will make our denominational structure more effective, understandable and useful to everyone in MCC.

Click the following link to review the entire segement regarding:   

Implementation Schedule and Tasks

28 February

·         First draft of new structure proposal is published, with links to supporting documents

·         Web site launched for the structure proposal, with all documents posted


First Half of March

·         Moderator announces the appointments to the Nominating Committee

·         Moderator publishes the charge to the Governing Board, including the qualifications and definition of role


Second Half of March

·         Discussion guide/questions available for Cluster teams to use at cluster gatherings

·         Nominating Committee opens the nominations process.

·         Nominating Committee sends out invitation to churches and clusters to recommend candidates for the Governing Board.

·         Feedback Team publishes survey for lay and clergy delegates to General Conference; announces deadline of 20 April for submission of responses.

Click here to review the entire implementation schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1.     Who will be my Elder? The Elder who is assigned to your cluster, who appoints your team leader, relates to your church cluster, and ensures that care, connection, and communication are provided.  This is also the Elder who will offer ecclesial relationship and will oversee affiliation.


2.     How will Elders serve as consultants to m
y church?
As the Elders continue to collaborate together as Senior Consultants, they will engage churches in various ways through teaching, training, and mentoring opportunities.


3.     Are there any changes to the clergy credentialing process? No.


4.     What is the difference between the present Board of Administration (BOA) and the Governing Board? The present BOA is appointed by the Board of Elders and is primarily focused on fiduciary matters. The BOA has its own Chair, who is the President of the corporation. The new Governing board will handle fiduciary and short and long term strategic issues, under the leadership of the Moderator, who will be the Chair and CEO.


5.     How will the first Governing board be formed?The Moderator will appoint three persons to serve with her on an initial Nominations Committee. The present Board of Elders and Board of Administration will approve those appointments this time only. The Moderator will chair that Committee, and they will bring suitable candidates to the General Conference for election, if the structure proposal passes. 

 Click here to review the entire collection of Frequently Asked Questions.



In This Issue
Highlights of the Proposed Structural Changes
Implementation Schedule and Tasks
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What’s New? 
In conjunction with the New Structure Propsal, we are launching the NEW MCC Structure Review Web site.   
Click here to view all of the information that has been highlighted in this statement. 

How Can I Add My Thoughts to the Process? 



Adding your thoughts and comments to the process is really easy.  As you review the online documents, look for the icon just like the one above and “click it”.  After clicking the icon, you will be taken to the comment page, where you simply enter your comments in the box provided and “click” the comment button to post.

Structure Review 2010 Quick Links!

Proposed Organizational Chart


 Click here view the proposed org chart.

Wait, there’s more!


Stay tuned for the official survey to lay delegates and clergy.

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