MCC Announcement – NEW Internal Communications Co-ordinator

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Rev. Colleen Darraugh
Rev. Colleen Darraugh

Metropolitan Community Churches is excited to announce that Rev. Colleen Darraugh has been hired as the new Internal Communications Co-ordinator for MCC worldwide. This position is part of a new staffing structure in MCC, which will enable MCC to respond effectively to our global ministry in the 21st century. In particular, the Internal Communications Co-ordinator’s role is aimed at making MCCers around the world feel more connected with each other and with the denomination; ensuring excellent communication of news and information within MCC; working with churches and local leaders internationally to share stories of success and challenge; and supporting churches with their communication strategy during times of difficulty.

After a robust search and interviewing process, the Senior Leadership of MCC (Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator; Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos, Team Lead for Resource Development; and Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez, Team Lead for Community Development) unanimously agree that Rev. Colleen Darraugh is the best applicant to fill this position. We were excited about her vision and her passion for this work.

Rev. Darraugh has a long and diverse history in MCC. A native of Canada and a current Canadian citizen, Colleen has lived and worked in the United States since 1988. She has served churches in London and Kingston, Ontario (Canada); Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA); and Ft. Worth, Denton, and Dallas, Texas (USA). Colleen has participated actively in MCC as a volunteer for conferences, clergy development, supervising/training of clergy, and in many other capacities. Rev. Darraugh has also been a representative of MCC to the World Council of Churches, from our first engagement and beyond. In all of her engagement with MCC, she has been passionate, critical (in the best sense), and committed to our shared values and progressive vision.

In addition to this part-time work with MCC, Colleen has recently been called as the new part-time Pastor of MCC Knoxville, Tennessee (USA), and she serves as the founding Digital Pastor of Mobilizing Love Ministries. Mobilizing Love is an online emerging ministry of MCC creating a variety of virtual progressive, spiritual communities through web conferencing topical discussion groups, book studies, seasonal participatory worship experiences, blog posts, social media engagement, and PopUp Worship.

In describing her desire to fill this position in MCC at this time, Colleen said, “It would give me joy to assist MCC in improving our internal communication and to diversify the voices, styles, and content of that communication. I believe that this could be one of the tools to help us rebuild trust and connection, thus rebuilding our experience of community.” She also shares, “I am energized by what I am already seeing from our new Moderator and Governing Board. Having reinvented my own ministry several times, I want to contribute my energy towards helping MCC reconnect, recommit to inclusion and diversity, decentralize whiteness and the USA, improve communication, build trust and reimagine what it means to BE MCC.”

Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos says, “I am particularly excited about working with Rev. Colleen Darraugh because she is dedicated to MCC’s vision, has myriad experiences in the blessings and challenges of living this out, and has never ceased to be actively engaged in helping us create a better us and a better future. Colleen is not afraid to share her opinions or criticisms, and she always does so committing herself to being a part of the solution. Colleen’s interest in this position is the most recent evidence of this. We look forward to her keen insights, creativity, and proven skills to help us move forward together.”

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, MCC Moderator, says “Colleen brings energy, creativity and commitment to this role. As a local church pastor, she understands the importance of effective communication channels between the local church and the denomination, flowing in both directions. We have so much to share with each other around the world and Colleen has great ideas for how we can really engage people in this process.”

You may contact Rev. Darraugh at [email protected].
Please join us in welcoming her to MCC Staff, and collaborating with her as we move forward.