March Update from your MCC Governing Board

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MCC Governing Board March Meeting Update:

Governing Board Narrative for 2 March 2021:2020 Governing Board

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday evening, March 2nd, Rev. Elder Carolyn Mobley-Bowie opened our meeting in prayer. It was great to have one of the new Elders present. We cannot mention this without thanking our outgoing Elders. We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work together for MCC. So, thank you again.

Near the beginning of the meeting this quote was shared from poet Mary Oliver “I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.” It has such a profound impact and speaks to the reality of a world urging us to be more and do more. It causes one to think about the need to let that go, if only for a while, and return to the wonder of the world around us. The natural world which seems to work in harmony, everyone/everything is touched by “other” to work properly. During this Lenten season, it is our hope for you and the world that you can stop and take a moment to allow nature to slip into your soul and rejuvenate you. And then to hold onto that feeling as we journey towards Easter.

Our Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, added to that feeling of an approaching Easter, as she shared her Strategic Aims for MCC, which were unanimously supported by the Governing Board and by the Council of Elders. These five aims will guide our ministry between now and the end of 2025.

Clear articulation of our queer, inclusive theology with rites and sacraments that reflect our values.

Global presence which is locally appropriate and globally robust.

Increased integration of diverse people in a holistic and measurable way.

Robust recruiting, training and mentoring plans to raise up a new generation of leaders.

Abundant and appropriate resources that reflect and embody the generosity and creativity of our people.

We spoke about how we can use these Strategic Aims to support MCC’s core value of justice, as we continue to speak and act against oppression and injustice. This includes the work of the Commission on the Pathways to Healing and Reconciliation on Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Rev. Elder Cecilia also shared her Moderator’s report which you can find a link for below.

Our financials were set aside for this meeting as we talked about some requests for supporting our congregations that could impact the budget. The financial snapshot will return next month.

We will meet again immediately following Easter. From all of us to all of you have a blessed Easter!

May you find the holy in the world around you!

Respectfully Submitted:
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Clerk, on behalf of the Governing Board
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator
Mark Godette, Vice Chair
Chad Hobbs, Treasurer
Rev. Paul Whiting
James Chavis
Rev. Alberto Najera
Clare Coughlin
Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey

All Approved Meeting Reports can be found here:

The Moderator’s Report may be found here: