Love and Equality Win!

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“Love and Equality Win!” Exclaims Moderator of

Historic Global Metropolitan Community Churches!


The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson is the moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, which has ministries around the world. Dr. Wilson was part of the first LGBT faith delegation to meet with a sitting president in 1979.She was a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. 



“Today, love and equality win! The Supreme Court concluded that all loving couples deserve the right to marry! Finally, the U.S. Constitution applies to every family,” said the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, global Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. “More children in America can now go to school proudly and know their families are protected by the highest court of the land. I am thrilled but we cannot rest until all people, regardless of race, gender identity, and sexual orientation are free to live without fear.”


“O happy day! LGBTQ couples in the United States have the right to marry! MCC was the first to marry same-sex couples in1968.  In 1970 we brought the first lawsuit for marriage equality,” said the Rev. Troy Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Churches. “Metropolitan Community Churches demonstrated for marriage licenses every Valentine’s Day. We married couples at Pride marches. We performed thousands of marriages in our churches, and we never gave up!”


“We are thrilled with the Court’s decision for marriage equality. Today, we redouble our efforts to let the world know that discrimination is wrong-not just in marriage, but in employment and every walk of life,” said Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt, Director for Marriage Equality for MCC’s Public Policy Team.


“We are celebrating-and getting back to work,” said the Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Executive Director of the Global Justice Institute. “LGBTQ people in Kenya, Eastern Europe, and 76 countries live in fear for their lives. After almost 50 years, MCC is still on the cutting edge of ministry. Known as ‘The Human Rights Church’ in many countries, MCC knows the next chapter will be Global. LGBTQ people in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America deserve to live in peace.”


“While marriage equality is a significant stride toward justice, injustice remains for too many people.  We have learned the painful lesson that unless we stand up for each other, some people will never experience justice.  Black lives matter, Trans lives matter, Immigrant lives matter-and the list goes on! We are not finished with our work for justice until all lives matter,” said the Rev. Darlene Garner, Director of Emerging Ministries with responsibility for diversity and inclusion.