Louisiana’s Governor Leads With Transgender Discrimination Veto

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For Immediate Release

Thursday June 24, 2021


Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ decision to veto a bill that would have barred transgender athletes from competing was a true sign of leadership that other governors should follow, leaders of the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) said today.

“As the governor himself said, this bill was a solution in search of a problem,” said Rev. Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of the MCC Fellowship. “This bill would have codified discrimination, which is the very last thing government should do – against anyone. We applaud Gov. Edwards and encourage other leaders to take their cue from his veto pen.”

MCC’s two churches in Louisiana echoed the moderator’s position

“Metropolitan Community Church of New Orleans applauds Gov. John Bel Edwards’ decision to veto the Transgender Sports Ban proposal approved by the Louisiana Legislature,” said Rev. Lonnie Cheramie, pastor of the MCC New Orleans congregation. “The vetoed bill would have imposed harm, injustice, and discrimination against one of the most vulnerable groups of Louisiana citizens. Governor Edwards did the right thing by vetoing a bill designed to regulate a problem that does not exist.”

“The bill was unnecessary and punitive,” said James Hartman, pastor of MCC Baton Rouge. “We applaud Gov. Edwards for his courageous stand, and for the message it sends to Louisiana’s transgender citizens.”