Introducing MCC Kinship Gatherings

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Kinship - Connection Visibility Celebration DiversityAsian Pacific Islander

Trans*/Diverse Genders

Disability Access Concerns

Native American/First Nations

and more to come.

We, the Diversity, Inclusion and Laity Development Coordinators are excited to introduce and invite you to Kinship Gatherings. These gatherings are identity specific groups designed to facilitate connection, foster visibility and promote the diverse social and cultural groups within the denomination. We are grateful to our allies and encourage you to advocate the availability of these groups.

During the gathering, we’d like to meet you and socially connect. We hope to collaborate with the group on ways we can support you and together, re-vision what Kinship groups can be within the denomination.

As you can imagine, there are numerous kinship groups [formerly called MCC affinity groups] and we want to coordinate a time to meet with each one. We tried our best to come up with days and times that accommodate the different global time-zones and recognize that there may be scheduling challenges for some people. We appreciate your efforts to attend nonetheless. Please note that these groups will be in English at this time. We hope to be able to accommodate other languages in future meetings.

Camille Araullo, MDiv and
Rev. Stedney Phillips

Contact us at:
[email protected]
[email protected]


for all Kinship Gatherings
Meeting ID: 963 668 1482
To dial in, find your local number:

Asian Pacific Islander gathering times

Trans Kinship Gathering details

The Disability Access Concerns group is for anyone who has challenges accessing church facilities, programming and participation.

Disability Access Concerns

First Nations Kinship Gathering details

More Kinship Groups to Come

Rainbow word cloud of kinship groups