Interim Moderator Blessing

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Reverend Elder Rachelle Brown

16 October 2016, MCC of Washington DC

Metropolitan Community Churches Installs Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown as Interim Moderatorat Blessing Ceremony

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) leaders blessed and installed its third global leader, Interim Moderator Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, at MCC of Washington D.C. on 16 October 2016.

Rev. Brown’s first public appearance at the Blessing Ceremony allowed her to introduce herself beyond her academic credentials and speak about MCC’s present landscape and future goals.

MCC’s Council of Elders, Governing Board, and Senior Leadership Team joined local volunteers to assist with the installation. Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, retiring Moderator, participated in the ceremony to pass down a gift of the Moderator’s Stole and bless Rev. Brown.

The Governing Board appointed Rev. Brown in fulfillment of the bylaws after MCC’s recent General Conference. The Governing Board implemented a denomination-wide search leading up to Rev. Brown’s appointment and she now serves a three-year term. Her term will be followed by another election of an MCC moderator at the next General Conference in 2019.

Excerpts from Rev. Brown’s Remarks 

“….Many ask, who are you? Where did you come from?

Briefly, my name is Elder Rachelle Brown, and I am a beloved and blessed child of God….

“Tell me today, has the Kin-dom of God arrived? Is there no oppression for us to address? Hunger, violence against one another, poverty, brokenness? …Let me say, there are millions…of people around the world who are crying out to be part of a movement that loves, cares, and empowers the people….

“I am calling upon us to expand our understanding of what it means to be this radical movement in the 21st Century. A movement that worships, organizes, learns, and teaches. A movement that transforms from the boardroom to the streets. A movement that gathers in many places and ways….

“MCC – our worship is a celebration. Our message is transformation. And the people of MCC will multiply because we are a people who say “yes” to the call of Jesus.

“Come, be healed, be whole, and be in your community, sharing your stories, as a witness to the incredible love of God….

I encourage you all to stand with me as we listen deeply. It is when we listen deeply that we can act boldly….”

Read the full text and watch the video HERE.

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