Rev. Delores P. Berry

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Rev. Delores P. Berry
February 15, 1951 – August 8, 2017

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  1. Chris

    Delores was such a huge presence when she visited our Church in Hagerstown, MD. She is so missed.

  2. Rev. Joan Saniuk

    Rev. Delores Berry was a force of nature whenever she performed – making us laugh, encouraging the weary soul, spreading joy and confidence. When I was grieving the loss of a loved one, Delores always somehow knew what to say that would reassure and comfort me. Fly free, dear one.

  3. Terry White

    Home at last, resting in the presence of Jesus. Thank you for truly blessing us all. Love you much.

  4. Jackie Gascho

    I was at an MCC womens conference one year and Reverend Delores was there as well! During a break she came down the isle and stopped to deliver a messge to me from my father! I am to this day gratefull for the message as it helped me bring closure to my relationship with him! I will miss her and her many gifts that God bestowed on her!

  5. Renee Eberling

    We had the gift of Delores Berry at Open Arms MCG in Rochester NY.She sang at our church and was there for ordination of one of our clergy.She was a spiritual,kind person.She will be missed.Now she sings with the angels

  6. Louise

    I remember seeing Rev Delores at a conference in Calvary and was mesmerised then had the pleasure of meeting her personally at Mcc Brighton, UK. She was a wonderful lady and she had the most wonderful hats!!

  7. Feather Suneagle

    Thank you for sharing the Spirit filled JOY that God gifted through you. The love and friendship over the years from you both has and continues to bless me greatly. Until we meet again, know that I love you.
    Your adopted sister Feather

  8. Janine McCarthy

    We had fun during her sermons since she would always find a way to interact with me while I interpreted for her. Rev. Delores delivered a much needed message to me during a time of doubt. I will always remember her fondly.

  9. Maggie

    Rev. Delores had a spirit that touched me deep in my heart. She was always so personable.

  10. Jay Davis

    I was blessed to meet and enjoy Reverend Berry at MCC Baltimore during the 1990’s and 2000’s. She was always joyful and could make you feel good with her preaching. She would also break into a gospel spiritual song and move you that way. Thank God for her life.

  11. Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie

    The first time I ever saw and heard Rev. Delores was at that General Conference in Toronto (the first time we met there) when it was so hot that people were actually fainting from the heat. Once I heard her sing and speak, I knew I could stay in this very different denomination called UFMCC. Thank you, dear God, for Rev. Delores Berry, who helped to create a spiritual home for me and so many others (but especially black folk from the South). Hallelujah!

  12. Bob Whitman

    To be in the presence of Delores was a true blessing and a joy. Rev. Delores brought the love of Jesus with her each time she visited MCCDC….

  13. Tami Tate-Tucker

    Thank you so much for answering God’s call on your life and sharing the message everywhere and every day. I know that you were welcomed home to your partners loving arms and you were praised from Jesus with “well done my good and faithful servant”

  14. Elder Louis Hughes

    I meet Rev D P BERRY on a GLCCB swithbd call as she was coming out and sent her to MCCB
    The rest is history, our mother’s were BFF’s in my home town of Norfolk, Va. Co-founders of the NAT COAL OF BLACK LESBIANS AND GAUS. From the White Jouse to the out hoise . have been there. God Blrss us for lnow such a Gorse of Nature. Love you more!!! ??????

  15. Dave Dishman

    Delores was our pastor in MCC Portland in 1983 / 1984 in Oregon. She moved here with her mother Inez and her friend / accompanist Terry Snowden. Her family lived in the same apartment building as myself and my partner. Delores was an incredible preacher, singer, and musician. She loved singing out of the hymnal “Songs of Zion” and her favorite song was “Through it all”. She met Judy Kiser in Portland and they began their relationship before the family moved back to the east coast. Memories …

  16. Paul Truscott

    My first meeting with Dolores was at General Conference in Houston, so many years ago, and I was the small-town gay lad from Auckland NZ, making his first ever trip to America. Dolores was so full of joy, love and unrelenting spirit that it was infectious. Many years later, while serving on the organising committee for the General Conference in Sydney Australia, where I now live, I was having some doubts about how the conference would pan out, and saw Dolores’s name on the registration list, and knew the Lord was sending her, and all would be just wonderful. I was right, Dolores came with all the joy, love and spirit that I remembered from years before. Just remembering her, makes my spirit soar! She truly travelled through life sharing her spirit, faith, and love. While we all regret her passing, we are all better people thanks to her sharing her enduring faith, joy to all, and love of The Good Lord.

  17. Rev. Michael Hydes

    Delores had two sides to her. There was the woman who swam deep in the Spirit, who I often turned to for wisdom and support. And then there was the woman who skipped through life delighting in her own humanity and the love of others; a woman who loved crafting, made wild and wonderful T-Shirts and greeting cards, and had a laugh that made demons flee and angels smile. Living in the UK it’s been a few years since I saw Delores and a part of me can’t believe that she isn’t still there offering her evangelists heart. But then, when I close my eyes, I believe that she still is. Until we meet again my friend. xxx

  18. Rev Candy Holmes

    Reverend Evangelist Delores Berry – a powerful and soul-filled Black woman, fully human and fully spirit. Deeply in love with her Jesus and her Judy. What I most appreciated about Delores was her love for people (joys of God) and the gift of her prophetic voice. She always helped me to know many times that every would be alright. Thank you Delores!

  19. Paul Niland

    I had the honor and privilege to meet Delores for the first time at MCC Richmond several years ago. She touched my life and I am blessed by knowing her and Judy. I will miss them.

  20. Marilyn Sgarlata

    You are beautiful my sister. I love you always. ?

  21. David Washington

    Thank you for always loving us here in Hagerstown!

  22. Alan Rodgers

    I was blessed to hear Rev. Berry speak and sing at Trinity MCC in Gainesville, FL several years ago. I can still remember her joyous spirit and feel the love that she radiated for all of God’s children. She will be missed but there is much rejoicing in heaven at her homecoming.

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