Important MCC BOP Updates (USA)

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Important MCC Board of Pensions Updates

We recommend that your Senior Pastor, Board Moderator & Treasurer retain this email for future information.

The goal of MCC’s Board of Pensions (BOP) is to maintain a well-managed retirement benefit for licensed MCC Clergy who live in the United States. Working with eligible Clergy and responsible financial advisors, we work to contribute a reliable, secure supplement to your overall retirement portfolio. Our sole purpose is to serve our members: licensed, ordained Clergy of the Metropolitan Community Churches who serve ministries in the USA. The Clergy pension plan is supported by a per member assessment calculated every month and paid quarterly. (More on amounts and payment address follow.)

BOP contributions are different than monthly assessments. It is important NOT to confuse BOP contributions with the UFMCC Denominational monthly assessments of offering income. The monthly assessments support the operations of UFMCC. Please send your monthly assessments to: UFMCC, 2775 49th Ave., Ste. 205-327, Ocala, FL 34482.

Please remember that the MCC Pension Plan will not meet your retirement needs. We urge Church Boards to provide additional retirement savings vehicles for their Clergy.

Eligibility & Enrollment

Licensed MCC Clergy serving in the U.S. (foreign or domestic) and who have completed four consecutive years of service in an approved (AAA) ministry are automatically enrolled in the plan in their fifth year. After 10 years of participation, an individual is vested (meaning the benefits accrued belong to you).


UFMCC’s Defined Benefit Plan is intended to serve as a supplementary retirement benefit. It will not provide sufficient income to meet your retirement needs. You’ll need to plan for additional sources of retirement income. The plan also provides benefits in the event of disability or death. Benefits are normally distributed at age 65, as early as 55 or no later than 70.5 (unless you are still working). You may receive your benefit as a lump sum payment or as a single-life annuity (no survivor benefit).

TREASURERS: Plan Funding Information

Board Members & Treasurers: The plan is funded through dutiful and consistent contributions from all MCC churches currently in the amount of $1.50 per member per month (paid quarterly). Note: As approved by the General Conference, this amount is, and has been, increasing annually:

2018 — $1.00, per member, per month,
2019 — $1.25, per member, per month, 
2020 — $1.50, per member, per month, 
2021 — $1.75, per member, per month

Please find forms under documents:

Above are the forms for each year. For the benefit of your local Congregation and all the Clergy that the Pension Plan supports, please keep current with payments and try not to fall behind. In order to keep your payments reasonable, we recommend that you keep your official membership numbers accurate. Inflated membership rolls will increase your BOP contribution.

Please mail your completed form with your check at the close of every quarter to:

PO Box 9917
Wichita Falls, TX 76308


Unlike denominational assessments, Pension Plan contributions are funds that legally belong to Clergy. That’s why the BOP is unable to write off past due obligations to the Pension Plan. If your Congregation falls behind, we will be happy to negotiate a payment plan. We will do whatever we can to assist you. For more information, please contact BOP President, Tom Emmett, [email protected]

CLERGY: Have you updated your Beneficiary Information???

This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you don’t identify a beneficiary, then in the event of your death, your state of residence will decide who receives your benefit. It is important to keep the information current and accurate. Generally, beneficiary designations can override even your will.

Download a Beneficiary Form at:
and email to [email protected]

Want to Learn More?

There is a lot more on our BOP Webpage including:

  • Questions & Answers
  • Documents & Forms
  • Pension Plan Audits

If you still have questions, please email our Administrator, Tammy Erwin,
[email protected]

Board of Pensions Team photoYour Board of Pensions

President: Rev. Tom Emmett
Vice President: Keith Thompson
Treasurer: Tony Somora
Clerk: Rev. Wes Mullins
Members at large: Frieda Smith, Rev. Roland Stringfellow, Rev. Gina Durbin & David Barton
Plan Administrator: Tammy Erwin