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New to MCC?

Welcome to MCC!  MCC is a global Christian church of loving, affirming and welcoming communities of faith.  We are “Tearing Down Walls” of oppression and injustice in your community and around the world.  Because we are a people of the Good News, we are working with our Divine Creator to “Build Up Hope” among our siblings worldwide.

We are a people of hope.  We are a people of faith.

We welcome you on this lifelong journey and mission!

What are Local MCC’s Like?

Meet an MCCer: Marina Laws
Me and MCC – I am…
Staff Member for the International Task Force, | Staff Member working in the Development Office | Cultural Liaison with Western Europe and the UK | An English woman moving to live in the USA | Soon to be member of Imago Dei MCC, Glen Mills, PA
On a personal note – I am…
British | Woman | Lesbian | Spouse to an MCC Ordained Minister |to Sing |Write Poetry | Fun Loving | Spiritual | Friend
Welcome to MCC! I’m glad you found your way here today.
My journey with MCC began in 2001 when I worked as a Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officer (LAGLO) for Dorset Police in the UK; that led me to MCC Bournemouth and then subsequently onto MCC North London, MCC Portsmouth, Living Springs MCC, MCC South London and ultimately to Imago Dei MCC.
MCC has enabled me to meet my life partner and to renew my relationship with God. Thanks to MCC, I have had the opportunity to realise how much I am loved by God; I have been able to use my gift of administration to work in an environment of love, friendship and openness.
Through MCC, I have had many opportunities to travel, meet wonderful new friends all around the world, work with my partner in Africa; work alongside like minded people; broaden my knowledge of difference and enable others to understand that difference is nothing to be afraid off, but something to be embraced.
God has brought you to this place today, why don’t you open the door and join us; you will be welcomed here and there is no place like home.

Our churches are located in over 40 countries on 6 continents and are made up of congregants from many different walks of life.  Because of this, we have a fellowship of churches that celebrate diversity both within their local congregations and among our global community.

Every church is influenced by the congregation members involved.  The people sitting near you during worship services may come from a different religious tradition than you do.  Still, we all worship together and celebrate the diversity God creates in us.

As a global church, we share the foundational calling (mission) for a specific and intentional outreach to/with homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people.  Our churches actively minister in their communities to and with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people.

We are a church that believes in the priesthood of all believers.  That means, in a nutshell, that when you walk into the church and become an MCC member, you become a messenger the God loves all of God’s children and celebrates our created sexualities, our diversities and our individual uniqueness.

All persons have value and worth, and are uniquely gifted to share the Good News with others.  It takes the whole body, clergy and laity, to live out the Good News!

Will I be welcome?

Yes, absolutely.  No matter your religious background (or lack thereof), your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, family makeup, disability…anything – you are welcome in MCC.

What about my family?  Is there a place for my children?

Yes.  You and your family (biological and of choice) are welcome!

Ministry to children and young adults is available in most MCC churches.  If you are feeling uncertain about resources available to you at the church you plan to visit, please contact the pastor or pastoral contact before you go.  Find contact information in our Church Directory.

Q & A:  About MCC for Newcomers

Is MCC a gay church? MCC was founded as a Christian church called to be in ministry to/with homosexual people.  As time passed, we built on the original vision given to our founder (Rev. Troy Perry).  MCC has become an all-inclusive fellowship of churches – churches that welcome everyone.
How old is MCC? We were founded in October, 1968 and celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2008.
How did MCC begin? MCC was founded out of the vision and calling of the Rev. Troy Perry.  For more information on the establishment of MCC and our earliest experiences as a church, click here. (link to MCC History)
Does MCC perform gay marriage? MCC believe that marriage should be freely available to all people, everywhere.  Where legal marriage is allowed for homosexual couples, MCC offers marriage ceremonies.  In locations in which gay marriage is not legal, MCC offers Holy Unions – religious ceremonies that recognize the union of a homosexual couple in the house of God.  NOTE:  MCC clergy are able to provide marriage or union ceremonies to any couple, heterosexual and homosexual.

Have a question that’s not answered here?  Ask it!

7 Responses

  1. jon ferris

    im new to key west and im looking for a church to go to and praise the lord in worship. do you have a location in key west and if so what are the service times?

  2. TS

    I would liek to go to my first service this sunday what can i expect? im nervous to go i do not know anyone and im not real “out” any words of advice?

  3. admin

    Hi TS…

    Our churches are welcoming to all walks of life and “outness”. If you’re nervous about a first visit, use our Find a Church directory to find the phone number and/or email address of the church you want to visit. Give the pastor or lay leader a call to introduce yourself. Sometimes, the nerves are made a little easier if you have a connection already made and someone to greet you when you arrive.

    Our churches are also diverse in terms of worship styles and religious tradition. If you have a background in another church, you may find some things about our local church in your area that you easily recognize.

    In terms of what to expect – our churches are all welcoming and inclusive. We come from all walks of life, share coming out experiences, and endeavor to worship and serve God. At the very least, you should be able to expect entry into a spiritual family with open arms.

    Blessings on your first visit!

    Melanie “Mel” Martinez
    Director, MCC Online Ministries

  4. Erni

    I want meet somebody from Church from Serbia or Hungary!?
    If you know somebody please connection me…
    thank you and God blessing your work

  5. Rain

    I would really love to attend a worship service at the Minneapolis Metropolitan Community Church. I’m not sure if it’s crazy though to drive an hour for a service. Am I crazy?
    I’ve been searching for a long time for a GLBT friendly Christian church so maybe the hour drive is worth it.
    Plus I’ve never been to church so I’m slightly nervous. Gah!

  6. greg

    Not that I’m against anyone but aren’t christian churches not allowed to support gay marriages?