ICM Mexico Endorses Inter-American Court of Human Rights Ruling on LGBTI Rights for Latin America

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Now, at this moment, LGTBI people are ready to write a new page in our history to achieve our rights. With the resolution of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the door is open for us to live life in dignity and equality, in spite of homophobia; it is an achievement of many people who have dedicated their lives to this struggle, suffered setbacks and discrimination in their work to make love prevail over hatred. They have not hidden their faces, they have worked with passion from anonymity, so that all women and men of diverse sexualities may enable rights that for centuries have been denied and from which we are still excluded, subdued and dispossessed.

The High Court ruled that the creation of new legal concepts is not necessary to guarantee the rights of same-sex couples, and extends the existing institutions to same-sex couples -including marriage, so that even in the darker corners of our continent, future generations of LGTBI people grow without fear and have the same opportunities in equality, to develop their own projects of life and happiness.

Metropolitan Community Churches (ICM) in Mexico, welcomes this decision and joins the call of the Court to the countries and states of every Latin American nation, so that in addition to legislating, they may recognize full rights to same-sex couples and allow legal change of sexual identity. We pray that millions of LGBTI Latin Americans will see the light of civil and human equality, and write together a page of courage in human rights that are exercised, not subject to referendum. As we have stated before, with full respect for our laws, the call in Mexico is to religious hierarchies, legislators, political parties, public officials and candidates for public office positions, not to ignore this resolution, to close circles and help overcome polarization and stigma that has caused so much damage to Mexico. ICM advocates for these changes and makes itself available to society for accompaniment and spiritual strength in these long-awaited transformations.

May the future be equal and fair for every citizen.