Hurricane Laura Relief

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Hurricane Laura
Buildings and homes were damaged after Hurricane Laura made landfall near Lake Charles, La., on Thursday. Photo credit: David J. Phillip/AP


Hurricane Laura made landfall in Cameron, Louisiana, USA last Thursday, 27 August 2020. The storm was one of the strongest on record to ever hit the USA and left a path of destruction that is unimaginable.

Many towns such as Vinton, Louisiana are without power and water. Most of the residents have either lost their homes or they have been severely damaged. It may take up to 2 months to have power restored. Nearly half of Vinton’s population live below the poverty line. Most have no access to running water.

MCC is pleased to share this relief effort initiated by Pastor Vance Haywood and members of St. John’s MCC (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)! They are planning to travel to Vinton, Louisiana with a truck load of supplies. A group of 5-10 members, including Pastor Vance, plan to take a box truck of bottled water, flashlights, and tarps with them. They will assist with some clean up and tarping.

Pastor Vance’s family lives in Vinton, Louisiana. While they made it through the storm, they report that finding shelter is very difficult. Pastor Vance and St. John’s MCC are working in partnership with a local Vinton church.

If you would like to give to this relief effort or volunteer, please click on this link:

Donors are assured that all donations made through this link will be used exclusively for the relief effort. Mark Godette of the Governing Board is part of the St. John’s Finance Team.

If other regionally close MCC’s wish to get involved, please contact Pastor Vance. All are encouraged to pray for the people who have been displaced and impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Any questions should be directed to:
Pastor Vance Haywood [email protected]