Rev. Ines-Paul BaumannI live in Cologne/Germany/Europe/World/Creation/God.

I spend most of my time being Parent and Partner, pastoring in MCC Cologne, studying “Gender & Diversity” (B.A.) at the Rhine-Waal University, and earning money as Webdeveloper.

My firstname tries to express that I no longer care what gender/s I’m supposed to form.

I came to MCC in 2004 after my queercore-punkrock-band had split. The General Conference 2010 in Acapulco/Mexico was my first experience with the global fellowship outside Europe. I was ordained in 2012.

I love discussions AND decisions. I love questions and questioning. I love to “collect data” before I make up my mind. I appreciate a diversity of lifestyles, abilities, views and traditions. I can share clearness regarding a common ground AND openness regarding it’s different ways of practical meaning.

As an elder I would like to serve WITH and FOR rather than OVER people. I’d like to  proceed with healing by seeing the sainthood not only of those aspects (religions, traditions, opinions, people and self-experiences) that parts of Christianities outside and inside of ourselves already acknowledge as saint. I feel a bit uneasy with the unclear boundaries we have regarding the judicial, legislative and executive power for elders in MCC.

But I share enthusiasm for transforming ourselves as we transform our worlds. I’m committed to explore and be a voice for our understanding(s) of church, faith and spirituality – for and with LGBTIQ*- communities, but what we have to offer is so relevant for so many inside and outside of MCC and Christendom also!

Thank you for taking me into account for the search for additional Elders. God bless all applicants and your considerations and decisions!

Contact Rev. Elder Ines-Paul Baumann at [email protected]