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Headline News – Impact Edition 18 January 2017

Interim Moderator Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown Installed as MCC Elder

The Council of Elders installed Interim Moderator Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown as an Elder. Retired Moderator, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, (second from the right) also participated in the ceremony. Lay leaders and clergy joined the Elders to lay hands on Rev. Brown. (photo by Kiki Mac Photography)

Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown: “Today, we are going to embark on another journey, together. Can you still see the community on the way to the promise?”

Epiphany Sunday Sermon 8 January 2017. King of Peace MCC, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

“…There are so many of us who want to know where we are going before we get there…If you’ve noticed, the Gospels are not filled with directions….Today in 2017, we have seen a lot along the way, and some of us are a bit wiser….In the MCC Statement of Faith it says: ‘…And yet in our diversity, we build community, grounded in God’s radically-inclusive love for all people….Our chapter has begun when God says, Come, Taste, and See.’ But have we all answered that call yet?…”

(The full video of Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown’s sermon and Rite of Installation will be posted on MCC’s and Rev. Brown’s Facebook page when it becomes available.)

Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown
Rite of Installation as Elder

(photos by Kiki Mac Photography)




Members and friends of MCC Brighton (UK) brought Christmas gifts and companionship to the homeless. Pastor Andrew Ramage (near right wearing MCC logo shirt) said about 40 people from the community attended. (photo by Kirsty Richardson)

MCC Brighton Supports Homeless Community on Christmas Eve

from https://gscene.com/news/mcc-support-homeless-at-clock-tower-on-xmas-eve/

“Along with the huge number of people who stopped to talk, sing and wish everyone Merry Christmas, this was a truly community Christmas event,” said Andrew Ramage, the Pastor of MCC Brighton, Brighton, UK.

Members and friends of MCC Brighton shared their message with over 40 individuals from the homeless community on Christmas Eve. Members and friends of the church gave out survival bags, clothing, and other useful items. Local businesses joined in and donated hot drinks and sandwiches.

Newly Released: 

“For I Am Wonderfully Made” 

Texts on Eastern Orthodoxy and LGBT Inclusion

MCC contributors include Florin Buhuceanu, Rev. Jim Mulcahy, and Bryce E. Rich.

Available soon on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/ 

Select Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches as your charity.

Editors: Misha Cherniak, Olga Gerassimenko, Michael Brinkschroeder.
Publisher: European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Since 1998, the MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Friends and Advocates

has been a landmark MCC event that is rooted in the African-American cultural experience. The MCC PAD Conference really is for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. Everyone is invited to come share in and experience the richness of African-American culture.

Click banner to learn more about the PAD conference or go to




Elder Nancy Maxwell

will serve as the Convener of MCC’s Council of Elders for 2017

Council of Elders’ Statement on Wearing Clerical Collars

Ministry Leaders who are authorized by UFMCC (including Lay Elders, Lay Pastors, and Emerging church Leaders) may wear a clerical collar when functioning in their specific ministerial role.

2017 Assessment Forms

English and Spanish translations of the 2017 forms are now available. German and Portuguese forms are forthcoming.

Go to the link below to locate the forms:


Application Deadline Approaches for Assessment Commission

The Governing Board announced an open call earlier in January for members of MCC to form a new commission to review the basis of assessments. The Governing Board is seeking to form a global commission including laity and clergy representing experiences of churches of all sizes.

To read the full announcement, click the link below. It will include contact information for submitting an application.


Announcing 2017 Australasian Network Team

A joint decision was recently made to restructure the Australasian Network Team to become more relevant, effective, and efficient. This decision reduced the team from five members to three members.

Rev. Elder Darlene Garner said, “I wish to extend extreme appreciation to Lachelle [Uzcateguigaymon], Vita [Caradonna], and Adrian [Buganey] for their service on the Australasia Network Team. It was wonderful to serve with you as we sought to envision a more expansive ministry for MCC in Australasia. Now I welcome Pj Dwyer to the Network Team, look forward with eager anticipation to working with him, and am thrilled to be able to continue working with Rev. John Fowler.”

Rev. Garner will continue in the role of Network Team Leader. Rev. John Fowler will serve as the Clergy Contact Person and Pj Dwyer will be the Laity Contact Person.

Rev. John Fowler Australasia Network Clergy Contact Person
Pj Dwyer
Australasia Network Laity Contact Person


Women’s Marches Scheduled Globally in January

The Women’s Working Group would love to see your pictures and share your stories about your experiences in the Women’s March.

Marches have been scheduled worldwide, including multiple locations in the United States with the largest in Washington, DC. Tell us what you find moving, heartbreaking, fulfilling, and uplifting.

Make an MCC sign and take it with you. Post a selfie while you’re there. Let’s share the experience as far as our contacts will allow.

Go to the Facebook page and post some love. Help us to share this experience with as many as possible. We want to see you there!  Have a great time, march with all the respect and honor you have. You are our witness in this place at this time, for there is no other who will bring the message that only you carry.

Don’t forget. Go to https://www.facebook.com/MCC-Women-1047497882042368/ and post your pics and short stories.

Registration Open: Let’s Talk Faith and Climate Webinar

26 January 2017

People of faith are leading the wayon solutions. Let’s Talk Faith & Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders will help. This guide provides tested messaging to deepen engagement and position climate action as a matter of moral leadership. Join our partner Blessed Tomorrow on January 26 for a free webinar on the report featuring guest speaker Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Early registration is now open – sign up now to reserve your spot.

Learn more and register at https://blessedtomorrow.org/lets-talk-climate

Board of Pensions (USA) Update

by Rev. Tom Emmett, President, Board of Pensions

The Board of Pensions USA provides a modest pension to eligible US clergy that is funded by our local churches. Clergy serving in the United States are automatically enrolled after their fourth year of service and are vested after completing 10 years of service. Every local US congregation contributes 75 cents per member, per month (paid quarterly) into the plan.

For common questions and answers about how the plan works, click this link: https://mccchurch.org/how-we-work/board-of-pensions/#faq

It is important that all US clergy have completed and / or updated their beneficiary information. To download a copy of that form, go to this link: https://mccchurch.org/how-we-work/board-of-pensions/#documents

The Board of Pensions is planning to have a Virtual Meeting of USA churches to consider increasing the amount paid into the plan by churches in order to preserve and grow the plan into the future. To learn why this is important, https://mccchurch.org/how-we-work/board-of-pensions/#rateincrease

The Board of Pensions is currently re-filing the plan document. This is a standard practice that occurs every three years. We are required to provide notice to participants of this filling and your rights as participants. To view this notice, click here to view in a browser window, or go to this link for a downloadable document:

If you have any additional questions or comments you may contact Tammy Erwin, Plan Administrator, at [email protected], or Rev. Tom Emmett, Plan President, at [email protected].

To our clergy: Thank you for your service!

To our local churches: Thank you for your support!


Board of Pensions, USA

Rev. Tom Emmett, President
Tony Somora, Treasurer
Jeremiah Nelson, Clerk
Rev. Wes Mullins, Member
Rev. Alycia Erickson, Member
Rev. DeWayne Davis, Member
Frieda Smith, Member
Tammy Erwin, BOP USA Administrator

Sacred Space Online Learning (or SSOL) is an online learning center dedicated to providing a wide range of spiritual, religious, and faith-based resources in the form of online classes, live webinars, on-demand webinars or lectures, online book studies, and virtual retreats. SSOL contains hundreds of online offerings that can be used throughout the year, as an individual or as a group. They range in price and many of them are completely FREE!  Learn more about Sacred Space Online Learning and let SSOL Illuminate Your SSOL!


From the Editor


Linda Brenner
Associate Director,
Headline News Editor

Join the Earth Day Resources Team


Team members are needed to create resources for churches for Earth Day 2017. The goal is to distribute the resources the first week of March 2017. This will be a short-term commitment that will have a positive global impact.

Once the team is assembled, you will determine how often to meet and by what method. You will receive some assistance initially to get organized. Email or Facebook will minimally be a way to connect with the option to also meet virtually (i.e. Skype).

My goal is that this group will create meaningful liturgy, find poetry (or write it), collect music (or write it!), and generate a list of inspirational activities to honor Earth Day. Let us–MCC–be a leading voice in our local communities.

I will help the group get started and be available to help along the way. Contact me to join the team!
And as always, I appreciate your questions and/or suggestions at [email protected].