Help Us Recruit for the New Governing Board!

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Metropolitan Community Churches
Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

Help Us Recruit!!


. . .For the New Governing Board, which is one of the most innovative and important pieces of the new proposed structure!


Today we are publishing information about the Board Charter and

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

qualifications for service on the proposed Governing Board.  If the proposal passes at General Conference in Acapulco, we will elect our first Governing Board.


Though the documents will be presented for approval at General Conference, these draft forms are to serve as our guideline for the first round of candidate nominations. 


Click here to view the application for potential candidates. 


Our Nominations Committee is excited about the prospect of many, excellent and diverse candidates, and eager to receive applications!


This is an opportunity for clergy and laity to serve together on a unified, global MCC Board which will be a strategic partner with the Moderator and the Elders to the momentum in ministry that we see!  This Board will work with our leadership and staff to develop the resources to move us forward in the next decade. Our prayer is that this Board will expand its reach and work through teams that include people who are not on the Board itself, but contribute to their work. 


But I want to make my plea to you today!


Help us recruit qualified candidates for these vitally important positions.  Participate in the process of identifying these leaders who will shape and mold this Governing Board for the first several years:


1)   Who do you know who has served in your local church, who has the kind of professional background, expertise, high level of spiritual maturity and commitment that we need on this Board? Invite them to apply, forward this email and link to the application to them today!


2)   Talk with those you know in MCC who may know someone who is perfect for this Board.


3)   Talk with people in your church and MCC cluster about potential candidates.


4)   Pray that we have a hearty, substantial pool of applicants from which to select a slate of nominees to be brought to General Conference for a powerful time of discerning our future and our leadership.


Our deadline for the receipt of all applications is 5 pm EST, Monday, 19 April  2010.  This is an aggressive timeline, but we know we can do it!


Thank you for your passion for MCC’s ministry and future!  See you in Acapulco.


Grace and Peace,


+ Rev. Nancy Wilson

 Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches


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