Headline News – October 10, 2011

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Headline News

Tearing Down Walls. Building Up Hope.

Connie Meadows Announces Her Retirement

Connie Meadows 2011Connie Meadows will retire in December 2011, after serving for 5 1/2 years on MCC staff in the role of the Moderator’s Assistant. Connie started working for Rev. Nancy Wilson when she was pastor of Church of the Trinity MCC in Sarasota, Florida, in 2002.  Connie volunteered at the church office and made a significant contribution there as Rev. Wilson’s assistant. When Rev. Elder Wilson became Moderator in 2005, Connie joined her on staff with MCC at the denominational level.


Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson had this to say, “Connie speaks 6 languages and was a corporate planner in the Hague years ago in the insurance industry, and she had run her own successful business here in the U.S. She was new to MCC but ‘got it’ right away! It was clear to me she had the special kinds of organizational skills that could support me as I succeeded Rev. Perry and set up a new Moderator’s Office here in Florida. I knew that Connie was a gift to me and to us and that she was the perfect person to help me as we helped MCC make this transition. Connie traveled to meetings and conferences, many times at her own expense, and contributed enormously to moving MCC into the global arena. She also got an M.A. in Theology along the way so as to more deeply appreciate and contribute to her work with me, the Elders, and our boards and teams over the years.  Connie has been the ‘detail person’ who helped me be prepared to travel and work in many challenging contexts. I have always appreciated her clarity, honesty, work ethic, devotion to the cause, and the ways she has ‘looked out’ for me.  I am grateful to have met her and had the privilege to work with her.  I know she will continue to serve me in various ways, as needed, in her retirement. At the same time, I know her partner Haviland will be glad to have more time for them to travel and enjoy retirement together.”

We invite you to visit MCC’s In Our Own Words History Archive at https://www.InOurOwnWordsMCC.org or to click here to post a message of congratulations or share a favorite memory with Connie.  You may also mail a card to:
Connie Meadows
c/o MCC
3293 Fruitville Rd #105
Sarasota, FL 34237
We pray for abundant blessings as Connie retires and are grateful for her presence with us during these years of transition.  The Senior Leadership Team will celebrate with Connie at their December meeting.

Moderator Assistant Position Open
Now that Connie Meadows is retiring (see above article), we are looking for a top-notch assistant for our Moderator, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson. Submission deadline is 30 October 2011. Click here for a full job description and to find out how to apply.


Now Accepting Applications for the 2012 Leadership Mentoring Retreat

LMR 2012 logo

16-19 January 2012
DaySpring Conference Center

Ellenton, Florida

Join the ranks of current and up-and-coming leaders within MCC!  Leadership Mentoring Retreat alumni include:

LMR alumni
2010 Leadership Mentoring Retreat alumni and staff

Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos, Brianna Johnston, Kathy Beasley, Rev. Dan Koeshall, Annette Billings, Kevin Marik, Rev. Brendan Boone, Rev. Mel Martinez, Rev. Marilyn Bowens, Nancy Maxwell, Rev. Onetta Brooks, Rev. Judith Maynard, Michelle Burnett, Rev. Jim Merritt, Woody Camacho, Sandra Millar, Rev. Jackie Carter, Rev. Wes Mullins, Rev. Dr. Edgard Danielsen-Morales, DeWayne Davis, Kareem Murphy, Rev. Michael Diaz, Thom O’Bryant, Rev. Kevin Downer, Jason O’Neill, Tamara Dunlap-Elkins, Rev. Carol Rawlings-Chambers, Rev. Sharon Ferguson, Rev. Joseph Shore-Goss, Jochen Gewecke, Sara Sills, Rev. Lisa Heilig, Rev. Danny Spears, Kevin Highfield, Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas


LMR alumni
2011 Leadership Mentoring Retreat alumni and staff
Compelling Reasons to Attend the 2012 MCC Leadership Mentoring Retreat
  1. To help discern if you are called to help change the world through serving in MCC beyond the local level as a clergy or lay leader.
  2. To have a concentrated time away from your daily responsibilities in a retreat setting so you can truly focus on your calling and your ministry development.
  3. To have a concentrated time to focus on putting together a robust, proactive plan for enhancing your ministry skills and deepening your walk with God.
  4. To understand more about the relationship of the local church movement and MCC’s global denominational/movement goals.
  5. To connect with a small group of like-minded MCC leaders to build an ongoing network of mutual accountability and support.
  6. To spend concentrated time with MCC Moderator Rev. Elder Dr.  Nancy Wilson and other experienced senior leaders of the denomination.

Click here for details about the 2012 Leadership Mentoring Retreat and to learn how to apply. Application Must Be Received By 14 November 2011.

International Task Force Steering Committee Meeting Update

Following our very successful first face-to-face meeting in May 2011, Mark Dalgleish (Group Grace), Carol Scherfenberg (Group Hope) and Jochen Gewecke (Group Faith) of the International Task Force (ITF) Steering Committee met once again from 22nd to 24th September, along with Raquel Benitez (Governing Board), Rev. Hector Gutierrez (Staff) and Marina Laws (Staff) in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). The ITF continues to make progress towards presenting their final report to General Conference in 2013.

During the 3 days of conversation, we were fortunate enough to hold face-to-face meetings with Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson (Moderator), Rev. Elder Don Eastman and Rev. Tom Decker, as well as hold group Skype calls with Rev. Dr. Mona West (OFLD), Rev. Elder Darlene Garner (OEM), Dr. Christopher Duraisingh (Episcopal Divinity School) and Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, along with written input from Barb Crabtree (Operations Director) and Rev. Stedney Phillips (Staff).

We would invite you all to follow our progress and offer suggestions via the ITF web page.

The group would like to thank Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes and the Board and Members of MCC Toronto for their generous hospitality and support in assisting the important work in furthering the goals of MCC in the world today.

In Christ,
Raquel Benitez (Governing Board), Mark Dalgleish, Carol Scherfenberg, Jochen Gewecke (ITF Steering Committee), Rev. Hector Gutierrez and Marina Laws (Staff Members)

International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR)
20 November 2011

Save the Date! Be watching for resources in the next issue of Headline News.

Click here for more information and for a list of international events, as well as how to submit your event.

Theologies Team Survey


Since our first meeting in December 2007, we have been working on a number of projects that support our vision of equipping everyone in MCC to be both reflective and practical theologians.

Descriptive Theologies Project

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Descriptive Theologies project, designed with three goals in mind:

  1. To provide an accurate picture of practices “on the ground” in our churches around the world;
  2. To facilitate our understanding of who we are as a denomination/movement; and,
  3. To help us identify areas where the MCC Theologies Team may assist our churches.

Friend? Member? Clergy? Board Member? Elder?
We want to hear from you!

Our goal is to survey as widely as possible, soliciting responses from every individual associated with MCC in any way. Our short questionnaire has three sections for you to describe your experiences around baptism, to tell us what you were taught, and to tell us about your current beliefs around this important topic.

Continuing on work begun at the 2007 General Conference in Phoenix and the Holy Conversations congregational resource, we’ve designed our first surveys around the Sacrament of Baptism. Visit the survey page, and choose the Baptism survey for individuals.

The password for the survey is Baptism2011.

It is case sensitive, so make sure to use a capital B and lowercase letters for the rest.

Go Purple for Spirit Day
October 20, 2011

Nancy Wilson Spirit Day (Oct 2011)

For the second year, GLAAD is promoting Spirit Day. Many of you may remember Spirit Day more as “Wear Purple” Day and “Turn Facebook Purple” Day. It was developed by a high school student in Canada who wanted to show support for those LGBTQI youth being bullied.

This year, Spirit Day is Thursday, 20 October 2011.Metropolitan Community Churches and The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries join together in asking all our churches and affiliate ministries to support this important day by wearing purple to stand in solidarity with our LGBTQI youth. We also ask you to consider posting supportive comments on your facebook pages and to tweet with hashtag #SpiritDay.

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator, reminds us: “LGBT people have made significant contributions to the world throughout history. We have a spiritual contribution to make in this century that has begun with so much chaos and violence, and we are able to express love and passion for justice in ways that move others to action.”

For more information, click here

For your support and solidarity – Blessings!
Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson
Bishop Yvette Flunder


2012 Women’s Conference

Women's Conference 2012
The Holy Trust Conference:

Together in the Struggle for Justice

2-5 February 2012

Sarasota, Florida

Church of the Trinity MCC (Sarasota, Florida), in partnership with

Metropolitan Community Churches and The Fellowship, presents The Holy Trust Conference. The focus is women empowering women to assume leadership roles in their communities by developing the trusting relationships essential to achieving social justice. This conference is open to women, transwomen and those who identify themselves as women who are
interested in improving their leadership skills and connecting with others in the common pursuit for social justice.

Clergywomen are eligible to receive continuing education units. This
conference is intentionally designed for all women, both clergy and lay

Keynote speakers are Rev. Dr. Elder Nancy Wilson and Bishop Yvette Flunder. Early registration deadline: 1 November 2011. For more information and to register, click here.

U.S. and Canada Clergy License Renewal

Dear Clergy in the U.S. and Canada,

It is time to renew your License to Practice for 2012.  The fee for your 2012 License is $175 USD, which is due, along with your completed form, by 1 December 2011.  After 1 December, late fees will begin to accrue:

2 December 2011 – 29 February 2012
Fee = $225 USD

1 March 2012 and beyond
Fee = $300 USD

This year, you will be able to complete 90% of the license renewal process online!  Please click here to begin completion of your form and to pay online.  If you wish to pay by check, you can also download and print the form at this link and mail it in with your check.

Rev. Mona West, Ph.D
Director of Formation
and Leadership Development

Upcoming MCC Events 

Church Summit

11-12 November

Worship Summit

Registration Deadline:

18 October


Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat 2011
28-31 October
Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat


LMR 2012 logo

16-19 January

Leadership Mentoring Retreat

Registration Deadline: 14 November


A list of future MCC events will be available soon.