Headline News 15 March 2019

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Headline News – 15 March 2019

It’s MCC’s 50th Anniversary and we kick off the celebration with the 50th Anniversary Gayla! Join us for a reception, amazing performances, and finish it off with a dance. What a way to start General Conference 2019!

The event will be Sunday, 30th June at the conference hotel beginning with a reception at 7:15 pm and the show at 8:00 pm. A dance will follow.

Tickets range from $50 USD (regular) to $150 USD (VIP) per person or get your crew together and enjoy group pricing of $350 USD or $1,050 USD for a group of eight persons and have your seating reserved.

Hosted by renowned Vegas performer, Tony Arias, the Gayla will be an event you don’t want to miss!

Let the celebrations begin, get your ticket today!

Rev. Alex Pittaway, pastor of MCC Brisbane, Australia, is featured in an interview following multiple graffiti attacks on the church.

A swastika was spray-painted on the rainbow flag on the church sign and “clobber passages,” alleged anti-gay scripture, were left as well.

Read the full article at the link below and click the calendar icon and select the 7 March 2019 edition.


MCC Brisbane Responds to Hate Messages

“As a church we will continue to respond in love, unity, and strength to anything the enemy throws at us.” Rev. Alex Pittaway

In the 1 March 2019 MCC Brisbane newsletter, Rev. Alex Pittaway addresses the hate crime against the church left in the form of anti-hate graffiti.The following is a portion of that message:

“…Scripture verses taken out of context were used as clobber passages to try and clobber this congregation and Merthyr Road Uniting Church into silence.

Little did the perpertrator of this hate crime know however that the Church of Jesus Christ will not be silenced.

In the midst of the hate crime a miracle happened. In what I can only describe as a movement of the Holy Spirit, members of the local New Farm neighborhood rallyed to us and on the same chalk board that that was subject to a hate crime, inscriptions of love were written to counter the spray paint of hate….”

Read the full article at http://bit.ly/2FaWAq8

Send messages of encouragement to [email protected]

Emerging Church Granted Full MCC Affiliation

by Rev. Wanda Floyd, Emerging Church Specialist

It is exciting to announce the full affiliation of The Village MCC in Brighton, United Kingdom.

This church, pastored by Rev. Michael Hydes, has been an Emerging Church since November 2014. They have worked hard to achieve this new status within MCC. There are other emerging churches working toward full affiliation as well. They will be announced in the next few months.

Join MCC in thanking Rev. Michael Hydes for all the work he and Associate Pastor, Rev. Peta Evans, have done in making sure the people in Brighton are aware of God’s unconditional love: https://www.facebook.com/TheVillageMCC/

Governing Board Selects Be a Gem and MCC Global Work for Easter Offering

by Linda Brenner, Director, Be a Gem Scholarship Program

The Be a Gem Scholarship Program urgently needs your help today.

Through the years, the Be A Gem Scholarship Program has brought clergy and laity from vast geographic locations around the world to General Conference.

This Program is robust. We work with people every step of the way to attend Conference. In a world dominated by Western culture that elevates the passports of a few, international travel can seem almost impossible, especially in the current political climate.

Funding our siblings from around the world helps us better live into our call for justice and being the Body of Christ.

There are many who simply do not have the financial capacity to attend General Conference. They may have inadequate living conditions, lack employment opportunities, and endure challenges to human rights and spiritual freedom. Some may not be able to participate in the live-streamed worship services because of the limitations in digital communication in their nation.

I can imagine some of you saying that General Conference is expensive for you, too. I’ve been there. Before joining MCC’s staff, I started saving a little bit of money each month to pay my way to conference. The difference between myself and those who are receiving the scholarship is more than economic justice; it’s also about opportunity. For example, the average cost of a flight is well over $1000 USD for a Be a Gem Scholarship recipient. Some will travel 15-25 hours to get to General Conference. Some have to travel to another city and pay for hotel and transportation just to complete their interview for a visa.

Will your church sign up to take a special Easter offering to support the “Be A Gem Scholarship Program” and MCC’s global work?

Your generosity will make the difference for so many. Donations for the Easter Offering will literally make it possible for international leaders to attend General Conference — and help Metropolitan Community Churches—your denomination—invest in leaders and embody a diverse, global identity.

SIGN UP to take an Easter Offering.
Email me at [email protected].
You can also easily DONATE ONLINE.
DONATE on MCC’s website (http://bit.ly/2xbyHro)
and select “Be a Gem” from the drop-down menu.
Text your donation to +1 850-204-4911.
PO Box 50488, Sarasota, Florida, 34232

MCC Moderator Nominating Committee Announces Slate

The Moderator Nominating Committee announced a slate of three (3) candidates (in alphabetical order, from left in photo above):

Ms. Elizabeth Bisordi
Vice-Moderator, Board of Directors, Suncoast MCC, Venice, Florida, USA

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston
Radstock, Somerset, England

Rev. Elder Tony Freeman
Interim Senior Pastor, MCC of the Palm Beaches, Florida, USA

A “Meet the Candidates” webinar will be held in early April. In addition, each candidate will have the opportunity to host an individual moderated one-hour “town hall” webinar to introduce themselves to MCC and to answer questions.

Read the full letter from the Moderator Nominating Committee at: https://conta.cc/2TrWWAo

Governing Board Updates

Governing Board Resignation

The Governing Board has accepted, with gratitude for his years of service, the resignation of Rev. Joe Cobb effective 28 February 2019 due to other personal responsibilities. The Governing Board authorizes the Governing Board Nominating Committee to add an eighth seat (4 clergy persons, 4 lay persons) to the slate of candidates to be filled during the business meeting at General Conference 2019.

Rite of Installation Service
MCC’s next Moderator will be installed during the final worship service at General Conference 5 July 2019. Read more at https://conta.cc/2E76Z49

Leadership Transition Timeline
Read more about Policy 11 which outlines the transitions for the Governing Board and Moderator following their election at General Conference. Go to page 34 at http://bit.ly/2XNEvpr

Upcoming Events, Vital Dates, Webinars, Registrations

Meet the Moderator Slate
Moderator candidates will introduce themselves and then participate in a Question/Answer session.

English: 2 April 2019
11 am EST / 16:00 UTC (GMT)

Spanish:2 April 2019, 7 pm EST
3 April 2019, 00:00 UTC (GMT)

English: 4 April 2019, 7 pm EST
5 April 2019, 00:00 UTC (GMT)

Lay Delegate Count Date
1 May 2019 is the freeze date for churches to determine their Lay Delegate count for General Conference. Send Lay Delegate updates–names and email addresses–to MCC staff member Janine McCarthy at

[email protected]

MCC Leadership Bodies Introduce Intentional Transition Team

by members of the Intentional Transition Team
The Intentional Transition Team (ITT) serves alongside the Interim Moderator and the newly elected Moderator to plan for and facilitate transition of the leadership of MCC from the outgoing Interim Moderator to the incoming Moderator.

The purpose of the ITT is to facilitate healing, renewal, and preparation for the future and for the election of the next UFMCC Moderator and Governing Board on 02 July 2019….

Read the full article: ITT Communication (March 2019) (http://bit.ly/2TTOI4B)

Clergy and Leadership Announcements

Rev. Stedney Phillips has been appointed as the Provisional Pastor of MCC Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Rev. Paul Whiting has been appointed as the Provisional Pastor of MCC Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Equality Virginia Honors MCC Minister

by Linda Brenner, MCC Communications

Rev. Joe Cobb will be among the honorees selected as 2019 OUTstanding Virginians in an event hosted by Equality Virginia in April.

LGBT and allied individuals and organizations are selected for their leadership in advancing equality in the Commonwealth.

Read More: http://bit.ly/2HrGPMX

MCC of the Palm Beaches led a street-side public demonstration 23 January 2019 to protest the 5-to-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the military ban on transgender people to proceed.
“We, as people of faith, are outraged and enraged at this treatment of our trans siblings who have served our nation with honor and dignity, and are now living under the weight of a decision that is void of honor or dignity,” declared Rev. Elder Tony Freeman, MCCPB’s Interim Senior Pastor.
Photo above, from left: Francine White, Jennifer Bujan, Judy Richman, Chris Lacharite, Rev. Charlene Buck, Rev. Elder Tony Freeman, Interim Pastor (photo courtesy of MCC of the Palm Beaches)

Employment Opportunities

The links below list churches seeking a transitional pastor or settled pastor, in addition to national secular jobs.

Settled Pastor and Secular Employment