September 2014 Communications Update

Governing Board

Metropolitan Community Churches

The MCC Governing Board recently met for the 2nd of two annual face-to-face meetings.  We meet in person twice each year to create and evaluate annual and long-term financial plans and performance, plan for MCC’s future, and evaluate reports from MCC senior staff and issue-specific commissions established by the Governing Board.  2014 is the first year of implementation for MCC’s current Strategic Plan and in shaped the work we did.  At this meeting, we:

·      Finalized a report card on Governing Board performance

·      Reviewed an initial report and assessment by consultants the Governing Board hired earlier this year

·      Reviewed deliverables led by the Governing Board, per the strategic plan

·      Reviewed an update from the Chair of the Commission on the MCC Statement of Faith

·      Elected new officers:  Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, Vice-Chair; Sarah Jane Ramage, Secretary; Gail Rissler, Treasurer

·      Reviewed our denominational financial performance

o   Congregational assessments are coming in at budget and on track for the year, THANK YOU VERY MUCH churches and leaders!

o   Fundraising is slower than anticipated but within the tolerance of the 2014 annual plan

o   Expenses are being managed according to cash flow and within the scope of the annual financial plan

o   Financial performance is all within the annual plan

·      Appointed a Governing Board Nominating Committee

·      Helped host a Moderator’s Circle Gratitude Concert

·      Continued to manage the process to a new church assessment policy

·      Participated in an inspirational, transformational meeting with Executive Director of Global Justice Institute (Rev. Pat Bumgardner).  Information she gave the Governing Board is of enormous value for the MCC movement and for local churches; and

·      Held a discussion of Open Questions on the Fiduciary, Strategic and Generative roles of the Governing Board

We believe that our work together is strengthening the financial basis for MCC’s long-term work, resourcing our mission, locally and internationally, setting the stage for a healthy and moving transition to our next Moderator.  We spent a full day with the Senior Leadership Team jointly reviewing our Strategic Plan and making some necessary updates.  Through prayer, we have confidence that the work of our leaders will positively impact our churches and leaders and prepare the way for all those who have yet to be touched by the ministry of Metropolitan Community Churches.

GB Sept 2014 Communications Update Final