How Meetings Work:
The Governing Board meets at least once a month via teleconference and twice a year face to face.

Prior to monthly meetings an agenda is established by the Chair and Vice-Chair. All supporting reports and documents for agenda items are sent to the Moderator’s office where they are then packaged and distributed with agenda to all members prior to the meeting for their review.

To streamline the meeting process the Governing Board has adopted the practice of using a consent agenda and discussion agenda. The consent agenda appears as a single agenda item and includes items requiring the board action but not necessarily discussion or debate. i.e. accepting the Moderator’s report.

The discussion agenda includes all items that requires more dialog and debate before voting.

Meeting Documents
The following documents are the result of Governing Board work during scheduled meetings.  Meeting meetings are approved at the subsequent meeting (e.g., April meeting minutes are approved at the June meeting).  They will be posted following the meeting at which they are approved.  Approved meeting minutes are below.

Meeting Minutes

Financial Reports